Monday, April 30, 2007

India Journal 2006 - #52 April 29-30 Better Days

Sunday, April 29
Met Deni and Zach by chance for breakfast. They are the nice couple from Rishikesh who I was supposed to meet with Ruth on Friday for Sushi when I got sick...they both did Panchakarma and have now come to up North, with their bike, to get away from the heat.
Still weak but better than yesterday. Abdellah is supposed to come around today and I will just take it easy, do some internet, sit on the balconey and read, listen to music etc. This morning when I got up I did my full morning routine, including Yoga, and it was great. Then, after spending almost 2 days in the bed, decide to "refresh" it, so stripped it and began putting it back together. And just as I had finished getting it back into place,

I felt something in my lower right back and knew I had done something stupid. As the morning wore on it got worse and worse until I could hardly move. By the time abdellah came around (and then Ruth showed up also...more on that in a minute), I could barely get off the chair or bed. I decided to go down to Donshup, the physiotherapist I met several years ago, and have him check for me and see what I did.

Ruth came around to see how I was doing, as she had also been quite ill. Seems she took it much worse than me and she only ate my leftovers! She was vomitting for hours with terrible diarrhea all night on Friday. so I really have to be grateful. Guess the Reiki and Ginger helped and I really didn't have ti bad at all in comparison. Or maybe her side of the omelette had more of the bad egg in it! Who knows?

After they left, I rested for awhile, really in pain at even the slightest movement, and finally got myself up to go to Donshup. When I got there his wife said he cannot see me until Wednesday!! I insisted, something I usually don't do, and explained it was an emergency, and she finally agreed to "allow" him to see me tomorrow at 1 when he finishes his regular morning treatments and before he begins his teaching sessions until 8 PM. So I will go down tomorrow.

Walked a little as I was already out and needed some change of scene...had a nice dinner of plain pasta with a little butter and cheese and basil...very good...and some carrot juice, and then back to the room.. Spent the evening in a chair as getting in and out of bed and turning over was sooooooooo painful. And then, after praying for help with the pain, I "all of a sudden" remembered the same thing happening to me on my first trip and not know what to do. Finally found an ayurveda massage guy who wrote me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory pills called gugulu or some such thing, and after a week of suffereing, the next day I felt better.

I then remembered that the pills I have for my arthritis, which I am no longer taking on a regular basis as per Dr. Arora's advice, have the same ingredient as part of their formula, and figured it couldn't help. So I took 2 of them, a pain-killer, and went to sleep. Woke up in the middle of the night and realized I had no trouble turning over. There was still a slight pain, but nothing terrible.

Monday april 30th

In the morning, today Monday, I woke up feeling fine, took two more pills and have now been up and about for several hours...slight pain but big difference since yesterday. I will still go for the checkup today to be sure it is OK to go back walking uphill etc., and also on Wednesday I have an appointment for a treatment anyway....but the guggulu seems to have done the trick once again.

Sandra called me and said she will be coming in a week or two and wants to do Reiki I with me. I've also decided that once this back thing is over, I will start "drumming up" business as I want to go back to working with people.

Discovered the past few days sitting so much on my balcony, that there is a double pleasure being here in town. I have a great view of the mountains, but I can also people watch for hours, something which I LOVE doing and this being right in the center of twon, there is LOTS to see...really fun! After all, how long can you stare at a mountain???

Have read two lovely books over the past few days as well...see the sidebar for the latest additions.

Met a lovely girl called Anna, from Sweden at breakfast this morning. Seems that she was in Israel and Palestine in 2000 working as a peace worker for awhile and has travelled much in Israel and loves the beauty of the country but was very saddened by the attitude of both sides and the lack of true leadership on either side.

She has a Masters degree from the States where she lived for 8 years which is useless in Sweden, so she is working as a caretaker in geriatric institutions in Sweden...and so we had a very long discussion....when she told me what she does, I said, "You are Amazing!" and she thought I meant the job was amazing and she started to tell me why it wasn't, and I explained that SHE was amazing for doing angel of compassion from I knew from very first hand experience what she goes through each and every day and for the lowest salary possible. She was so pleased that I could empathize with her, as it is the first time someone has ever told her how wonderful she is that she does this work.

And of course we got around to talking about my father etc.,,,,interesting morning to say the least. And now I am here....

Namaste to all