Friday, April 13, 2007

India Journal 2006- Adventures in Delhi #2 - Just Another Perfect Day

Wednesday Evening, April 11th... Delhi Part 2
What a lovely day! (Mostly). Ilse never turned up...don't know why, but I don't know where sheis staying and she doesn't have e-mail. But I now realize I was meant to be on my own here in Delhi and it is great.

After breakfast however, I started feeling funny in my stomach only to discover I had diarrhea, which I NEVER get. I think perhaps the ice cream on the train...not that it was spoiled...but cold is very bad for my vatta and I have been avoiding it in all forms since doing Panchakarma. And perhaps the sudden cold
was not good for me. Or perhaps, as I mentioned in part 1 of this post, ALL the food in general on the train which was not good for me....Anyway, before going to the train station to get my ticket, I saw an ayurveda chemist right next door to my hotel and he gave me something to take. He looked at me and simply said "You're Vatta, travel and food and weather changes not good for tomorrow you feel better for sure". And I do already feel better. Not much appetite but that is better as the food here is not wholesome and fresh as I am used to and I will probably begin eating better again once I get to McLeod.

Came back from getting my ticket which was a breeze, ate come jeera rice and then rested for a few hours. then got dressed and decided to see how much of my Paharganj shopping I could get done.

And guess what?!? I got the shoes right across the street...a pair for Shlomit and surprisingly, 2 pair for me. And then I went to the incense place and bought 3 KG (!) of various incense hich should last everyone for awhile. And then the bead shop. The guy remembered me, mainly as Abdellaji's friend. I bought 10 KG (!) of a variety of beads. Altogether only 150 shekel but another big bite into my India budget...1500 rupees plus another 2000 rupees for postage! The most expensive present I've ever brought here so far but it should serve 2 or even three people...Chanale, Dani and even Elisheva.

He will send the beads, theincense , shoes and anything else extra I collect over the next couple of days in a parcel for me. I've stopped thinking about money and am just enjoying the thrills of shoping for presents.

Tomorrow I go to get clothes for myself.

The big change is, I seem to have released my remainign fears of travel, Delhi, etc., and feel one with India completely. I am walking around in Paharganj in flip flops which may seem like no big deal to most of you, but I've never walked around here in anything but closed shoes. And suddenly, it just seems so easy and right to be completely at ease here. I don't even feel particularly hot today. Just walked around, didn't get hassled at all. Even practiced my new Hindi phrases in the shoe shop. First I asked in English for a discount on the 3 pairs of shoes but was told "Not possible...already cheap price Madam". Then I said "Iska dam, camka dijihe" and this big grin came onto the salesman face, as well as the other people in the shop who heard and he immediately gave me a 70 rupee discount which was quite nice...more than I would have expected. For me this is a real triumph as I am TERRIBLE about bargaining and usually don't even bother! And it is also so nice when a few simple words in Hindi can make people so happy!

Got back to my room with ALL my shopping done in less than 2 hours and ordered supper and when I turned o n the TV, Friends had just began.

So now, after a nice hot shower, supper and Friends, I am getting ready to sleep and quite relaxed and happy.'s really been a lovely day!