Saturday, April 21, 2007

India Journal 2006 #47 April 21, MOVING DAY!

Well, it's been just about a perfect day. Even the little episode of hail in the middle was interesting!
Abdellah arrived at 2:30 (his idea of 1:30) to help me move down. We were able to simply wheel the suitcase down the hill and over to the new guesthouse. Whole thing took less than 10 minutes. The morning dawned sunny and bright, but as has been the norm the past 4 days, by lunchtime the clouds started rolling in. As Abdellah arrived, thunder began, and we made it to the room just seconds before a big hail stom began, with strong winds bringing really cold air down.

We put my stuff in the room and decided to go out anyway for coffee, just around the corner. I leant Abdellah my sweatshirt and I bundled up in my warm shawel, we took the umbrella and off we went...we had a lovely couple of hours before he had to go back to town...he will be up here in Jogibara village

for the next 4 days so will meet him down there for lunch on Monday.

And now, the perfect room! It is even better than I remember when first seeing it. The best I've ever had any trip anywhere in India. Two lovely beds, with bedspreads, clean crisp white sheets and even blanket cover! A night stand with drawers and shelf with a NIGHT LIGHT so I don't have to get out of bed to shut the light before I go to sleep after reading!! the view from the windows is out onto a small forested hill so is pleasant, and if I sit on my bed and look out the window, I can see the mountains in the distance.

A REAL closet with hanging space and even HANGERS!. a place for all my clothes, my shoes, and all my other stuff. Two chairs (not plastic but regular furniture) and a nice table. A mirror, and the bathroom is lovely and clean with towel racks, soap dish and toothpaste holder. This all may sound obvious to some of you, but it is not in India....the room is very bright with 2 huge windows but very little direct sun and only in the late afternoon. The windows have screens so can be left open, so the room is also airy. And there is a ceiling fan which I will need in a few weeks. there is also a big flourescent light so in the evening, the room is not dreary as many rooms are here. The terrace is right outside on the floor, and although the view down (as you can see from the pic) is nothing to speak of,

the view straight ahead, as you can see, is fabulous. Picture on top of the page and below. (Notice the mountains that are now white...that is after 5 minutes of hail here in town).

I am very pleased and look forward to a lovely stay. It is very quiet even though it is right in the center of town, and is very convenient for everything. My friend Ruth from rishikesh is arriving here on Tuesday and I have reserved a room for her as well. It should be nice. And even if I am alone, it couldn't be more perfect.

And that's it for today!