Friday, April 06, 2007

India Journal 2006 #38- THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO "DOWN"

My first "down" day. No desire to do anything. Started packing but will NEVER have room for everything I've picked up here. Sick of the restaurants and having to decide what to eat each meal, and where to eat it. To hot to go to most of the nice places I like to eat at. I've been completely off sugar in all forms for almost 3 weeks now, not even in drinks, and I would normally feel like coffee or cake right now, but don't. And also no caffeine for a longer ice coffee doesn't do it for me either.

Yesterday I bought cheese and grapes for lunch
which was nice but still not what I need! I think leaving here is getting to me as I know I won't be back for much longer than I had originally planned. I am also on a tight budget now and not doing some of the things I had wanted to do.
Don't know, just down, teary. I know it will all pass and hopefully before leaving for Delhi in a few days. I have lovely friends here who are "being" with me and that is wonderful, to have someone to cry to.

AND THEN I FIND THE SOLUTION. SO SIMPLE! After getting a quick hair trim from Ilse, I am sitting in my room, feeling bad when all of a sudden I realize I can DANCE!!

And Dance I did for 2 whole hours!!! After only 2-3 dances I already found myself lighthearted and smiling, singing along, and completely enjoying myself. And to finish it all off, I went down, ordered a lovely piece of carrot cake and had my first Masala Chai in 3 weeks! So simple to beat the "down".

The lovely pictures in this post are all from the same evening, following the dancing and sweet pick-me-up, and just added to my renewed good spirits.