Monday, April 09, 2007

India Journal 2006 #41- April 9th Leaving Rishikesh

Please check the previous post as I have posted the pictures from yesterday's trip to the Shiva Temple. There are some lovely scenes there....

Tomorrow I will be leaving Rishikesh. I am taking a taxi with Ilse to Hardiwar where we will take a Shabtabdi train to Delhi. We will arrive in Delhi around 11 at night after a 5 hour train ride on a lovely train. Looks pretty much like the inside of a plane, with similar type seats, and we will be served dinner on the train. Hopefully will finish my shopping in three days and then take a train (if I can get a ticket) up to Pathankot and then a 3 1/2 taxi ride up to McLeod. Hopefully it won't take me more than a day to get settled in, so you can probably expect the next posting to be around April 16th or so. So don't worry if things seem dry for awhile.

Today I had an amazing day with a young girl here who has just now come to terms with her abilities as a "seer". She is 29. She is the same sweet girl who took me for the facial the other day. So today, we did an exercise which for me was great and for her a further affirmation and confirmation, validation and feedback for her amazing gift. She came to my room
and we thought we'd spend an hour or so but we wound up spending over 4 hours!! I had asked her if she thought she could tell me something about my family by looking at pictures and she said she would love to give it a try if I promised to be honest with her about what she said.
Well, she began and I thought she would pick a few, and in the end she did EVERYONE, as well as the couples in relationship to each other, and she was right with every single thing she said...and she also saw past lives, our connections to each other before, and in future lives perhaps, old and young souls, amazing insights...and so so right in all she said. It was really great for her and I told her that when I start bringing groups, I will bring them to her. She is planning to come to Israel, and she looks forward to meeting everyone, as she feels she knows them all intimately. It should be quite interesting.

Then had a final lunch at the Welcome Center, and will have dinner this evening also with friends. Almost finished packing. Hopefully everything will fit in to just the two bags. I'd hate to have to shlepp around a 3rd one.

I was a little teary about leaving today but good that I had this lovely 4 hours with Sandra to pass the time.

Namaste to all until I get back to this next week