Sunday, April 29, 2007

India Journal 2006-#51-April 27-28..."ROTTEN EGGS"

Went with Ruth around the Kora today as planned, after meeting for breakfast at 8:30 at Nick's. I forgot my camera! Would have loved to have pics to post here for you, although you've seen them before from previous visits...will have to go again I guess. We had a lovely, peaceful morning there..I really enjoy Ruth's company (she's the lady from Australia who I met in Rishikesh where we also spent lots of time together along with Ilse...she was also in my Reiki course).

Toweards the end of the walk I started feeling week, and knew I had to eat something as I had had a very light breakfast and forgot my dried fruits...we finished getting Ruth's airline ticket taken care of and then she wanted to try the date and walnut cake so figured the Chocolate Log would be OK for me also for a light lunch. I had started feeling not really well already yesterday
but after the walk I was really feeling weak. My stomach is very upset. Constipation for about a week already...I think the travelling and wrong foods and changes in weather a couple of times (Rishikesh to Delhi and then to here) have caught up with my Vatta. Barely managed to get my new SIMS card this afternoon and get back to my room.

I was supposed to meet Ruth and 2 other people from Rishikesh (Deni and Zach) for sushi for dinner but Ruth never came to get me (hope she's OK) and as each 1/2 hour passed I felt worse and worse.
Just feel like sleeping. And that's what I will do. Rest for a few days. But don't know what to do about getting the food I need. It is becoming a real problem. Am dyng for some plain mung dahl and rice and it isn't made here...just bean dalh is made. I've checked so many places...and no energy now to go up to Bhagsu where they just might have it. Also need to see the Ayurveda doc there for a few massages...that should also help. Will see tomorrow.

Friday Evening
Well, my question from Thursday about something being "out of place" and this not being the right time to "drum up business" has been answered.

First of all, I think I ate a "bad egg" today while out with Ruth. But was already not feeling myself yesterday..kind of weak...and th egg I guess just moved things along to a crises more quickly. I needed to rest, and wasn't listening, so of course God sent along the "reminder" I needed to listen to my body!

I got sicker by the minute...did lots of Reiki and took ginger and the burps I made had indeed the horrible smell of rotten eggs...YUCK! I had the chills and general weakness but after trying to sleep for a couple of hours with no luck, I finally decided to make myself vomit and get it all out. But this is always difficult for me. Finally used my toothbrush. Nothing much as I hadn't eaten much all day, but it did the trick!

No more "rotten egg" burps and my stomach finally settled and I fell asleep and slept until 10:30 in the morning! and my constipation also let up this morning.

Took a not shower, went down and ordered oatmeal to my room and added ghee...rested until after 2, tried going out a little earlier but my legs felt like rubber.

At 2 I finally went ut, got some giner and honey, (I can no longer use is not tasty to me anymore since I stopped using really tasted horrible in my ginger water) dried fruit and cheese still have a big apple so I'm set for this evening.

On the way up I ordered Jeera Rice (with coriender seeds in it...supposed to be good for my stomach), but only wanted a small amount. The guy first said "same price (20 rupees) and I said it doens't matter, just don't feel well and can't eat alot and don't want to waste food...and he said "Oh, not feel well? Only 10 rupees!"
A really small plate came to my room, I added ghee and it was just a perfect lunch. I boiled some water with giner and honey, and will now rest again. And will keep resting for as long as it takes.

Also, good I insisted on a room with fan, as I needed it during the is getting warmer and I am sure I will be using it often over the next weeks.

BTW, the guy downstairs at reception, who has been very worried about me, when he saw me this morning and seeing I wasn't well said many people are sick now. It is getting hot and the change in weather makes people sick...and you must watch what you careful of EGGS!. And rest alot for a few days and stay warm and you'll be fine.

I'll finish the story next time I come down...getting is now Sunday...feeling much better but still not up to anything much so am resting and getting back to normal eating.