Tuesday, April 17, 2007

India Journal 2006 #44 April 16-17 McLeod Beginnings

April 17
Yesterday, Monday, I had a relaxing day, not doing much of anything...visited a friend, had some pockets sewn into the new pants I bought at Anokhi, got caught in the rain (!)...not hard...and sat at Nick's for a couple of hours until it past...At lunchtime I had tried 4 different restaurants and none of them were willing to make me boiled vegetables of soup without cauliflower, cabbage and potatoes. They were not even friendly or apologetic about it. Just said "not possible" and walked away. So at Nick's, I asked again, and although

they thought it was weird, they said it would be no trouble. And so finally got a nice bowl of vegetable soup and a plate of steamed veggies with just vegetable I can eat in it.

I will slowly figure out where I can eat things that are good for me. already found a French Restaurant which makes good fresh salad, but there is no place I can get a really good fruit salad here and I miss that.

While sitting at Nick's, as the rain rolled in, my hip began hurting and I was quite upset...not from the pain but by the fact that it hurt...but it only lasted for a few hours, and it was not severe at all,. just annoying, and by the time I went to sleep it was gone and today there is no problem at all.

Today woke up early, and, as I began 3 days ago, am back to my regular morning stuff including Yoga and it feels good. And today I spent the day with Abdellah which was, as always, great fun. We caught up with each other and the changes in our lives...talked about the future, ate a good meal, had coffee (I had mint tea) and later he even talked me into sharing a piece of cake with him!! I also closed the deal on my new room at the Takhyil Guesthouse which is centrally located but the rooms face off the street (Jogibara road) and are very quiet. Each room has screens on the windows, a big closet, plenty of floor space to do yoga, and a table and 2 chairs so if I decide to work there is plenty of room, and the best thing, is that there is a ceiling fan! It is also a corner room so I have two large windows....And there is a terrace on the floor if I want to sit outside and restaurant downstairs which is convenient. It is not ideal, but the only thing I could get in a good location, and he came down a little in price, so it is more than I've ever paid in McLeod before, and somewhat over my budget (10,000 rupees a month), but the only thing even touchable anywhere I've looked. It is high season and every place has raised prices by 100-300 rupees a day more. Kailwood is the only cheap place in a good location around, and that's why there are never any rooms there!

I will be moving in there on Saturday (Abdellah is coming to help me) and then I will begin deciding if I want to stay here or not. so far the town is not what it used to be....many new shops catering to rich people, VERY crowded, much vehicular movement which I am not used to here...really hard to walk around town...and it is still dirty as always....Hopefully when I begin going up the mountain I will feel somewhat better.

Near the guesthouse are some really nice new restaurants which look like I will also find good food there, as well as good internet places, so I don't have to go far for these things.

So, I will update as things happen and I know more about my feelings and my plans for the next 2 months.