Friday, April 13, 2007

India Journal 2006 Adventures in Delhi #3

Thursday April 12th

Did ALL my shopping1 Anokhi was badly low on stock. Maybe that's better...couldn't spend so much money. I pay by Visa anyway but still managed to get a few really nice things. Some will need lsight alteration but will serve me for some time to come. They are really chic and I am pleased with my purchases. If I feel like it, I will take one more trip over there when I come back in June, if I can manage the weather then. Also found a shop for great sheets which
I will have to try out next time. FabIndia was also good, and managed a few nice things there as well. I know more now what I make best use of at home so it is easier to shop than it used to be.

Nice lunch at fancy restaurant...the Big Chill...ate there once with Abdellah and Avik on my last trip to India...But I don't have much appetitie so I had a small grilled chiken salad which was light and refreshing.

The weather is in no way debilitating and it is now 2 PM and I did lots of outdoor walking...also in my little slip in fancy sandals. Felt really nice. I usually feel so scrungy (is that a word) and clumsy and unfeminine in my closed sneakers....even if the rest of me is nicely dressed. And with my polished toe nails I fell like one of the fancy Indian ladies waling around the fancy shops here! Much nicer I must say, and I will just have to wash my feet more often but they arenot all hot and sweaty! Didn't even feel funny about going in a window shopping at some of the designer shops. the clothing is lovely, colorful, brilliantly stylish and really expensive...well for me at any rate. The stuff was between 150 and 150 shekel per item which is really not alot for the quality of the stuff, but I simply cannot allow myself that amount of money. I bought 5 full pieces in Anokhi for 200 shekel!

Went into a couple of book shops as well but went crazy so only bought one..."Chaos", which I've seen my kids reading. I don't remember the names of the books my daughters recommended. If I did, icould have just asked for them, but to search through thousands of titles was impossible. They have everything you can imagine in these shops.

I am also reading a new book I purchased yesterday called Sister of my Heart by the author of Mistress of Spices (you can see a list of all the books I have read, or am still reading on the sidebar...). She seems to have written many novels, and actually (today is friday in the aftewrnoon , I have almost finished the book10.

Now just have to decide what goes finally into the parcel for home with the beads and incense, and I'm done. (Took care of that later in the afternoon and another 17 KG package is on its way home).

I also checked out, by this time after dark, a couple of hotels still in this area but off the main road...Prince Polonia and Cottage Yes Please, for my groups. The second one is brand new and absolutely inviting, and the prices are really quite reasonable for the luxury of the place. The Prince Polonia is older, not quite as nice, and alot more expensive. So now I have a good place for my groups to stay here in delhi as well.

Friday, april 13th

Got up early and had an easy breakfast. Checking out other rooftop restaurants but nothing is really great in this warm weather. Sam's is still best as it is AC or room service of course.

got myself a couple of croissonts for the train and for breakfast tomorrow, as well as an apple and some dried fruits so I am set for the train. Have finished packing, everything is ready to go, and I will rest the afternoon away now and be ready to leave for the train at 7:30 this evening.

A good test of full acclimatiation to India perhaps would be the comfort level felt in Delhi and in dealing with the city. And I would have to give myself a high passing grade this time. Part I guess is experience, part my new perspectives onlife in genenral and really learning how to take each moment as it comes, without worry, and part, the little bit of HIndi I've been using. When a rickshaw driver gave me a price and then tried to change it after we'd left, I told him in plane words that that was not nice to do. And then he suggested my shopping someplace he knew which is "better than Khan Market"...and I simply said again, "don't do that...go straight to Khan Market" in my best Hindi, and with a smile, he zipped of at the original price and directly there. No arguments etc. Even a single phrase like "nehi chaiyie" easily gets the touts away without being nasty, and everyone really seems to appreciate the effort of my trying to communicate...It immediately brings a smile (or perhaps they are just amused at my pronouncitaion) and together with it a more relaxed mood and way of relating to me.

shop keepers, rickshaw drivers etc., just seem nicer!

I am simply enjoying these 3 days in Delhi just as much as I enjoyed my days in rishikesh, even going so far as to be out exploring after dark (everything is lit up here) which I've never done before. I wanted to try the Metro but think I will pass. Also wanted to film some street scenes on video...maybe later today, and if not, it will still be here next time I come!

Namaste.....see you in Mcleod in a couple of days