Saturday, April 07, 2007

India Journal 2006-#39, April 7th. THE Reason to Come to Rishikesh!!

Forget yoga, panchakarma, Shiva, Ganesh, Ashrams, gurus, the Holy Ganga, Pujas, mountain walks, white-water rafting, jungle safaris, temples, great views, dental treatments, delicious food and fabulous shopping. THE reason to come to Rishikesh is what you see below!!

I have just had the most amazing pampering I have ever had anywhere in my life, and when I bring my groups of women here, this will be THE highlight of the tour I'm sure. I went into Rishikesh to a Beauty Salon to do a facial at the suggestion of a lovely young girl here
who noticed I was down a couple of days ago and insisted on taking me there at HER expense for a facial. (You can also do manucure and pedicure there as well as getting a haircut and head massage.)

I was taken care of by at least 3 lovely women, including the owner, and, just like all the other Indian women being taken care of at the place, treated to complete luxury care for 2 whole hours at the price of 250 rupees!! (No tipping allowed). I never imagined so many lovely things could be done to my face, my back and my decollage and half way down my chest, and arms. And after having loving hands take care of me using a variety of creams, lotions, gels etc., I was then given a "tightening" mask ("because Madam, you have a few wrinkles"). It was done with my lying on a very comfortable treatment chair completely relaxed, with AC and a fan to keep me comfortable, wearing a gown provided by the salon.

Once it was all over, and I touched my face I did not believe it was my own skin. It was soft and smooth as a baby's behind. I've had many facials in my life, but NEVER something to compare to this. If I had known about this place when I first arrived, I probably would have gone once every couple of weeks.'s been a fabulously fun day, I am relaxed, look wonderful (my face truly is glowing) and feel almost decadent for enjoying something so much.

So, ladies, get ready to join the group. And this will be the highlight I guarantee!!