Monday, April 02, 2007

India Journal 2006 #34 March 31-April 2 The Weather, the Mosquitoes and Money

Well, the last couple of days have really gotten too too hot. It is hard to be out between 11-5 and that is most of the day. and by 6 it starts getting dark. Will have to see how I go about the next 10 days. But so far, I've had a nice couple of days. (see the post about my parcel and the Post Office experience).

I spend more time in my room relaxing and more time with friends chatting so it's basically OK.

I also made up a flyer for Reiki etc., and while I was doing it, a lady in the internet cafe saw me and asked about it. So she came for the first time on Sunday, and as it was her first experience with ANY kind of energy work or alternative stuff, she was quite skeptical. Well, when the treatment was over,
after she came "back" to the room and found her mouth and got it working, she asked if she could come again. And that is what she is now doing. She came again today and will come again tomorrow, and the Reiki is really doing wonderful things for her. SHE is very happy she met me, and I am very happy for her. I love to see the glow in people's faces when they experience this kind of thing for the first time. And so I have had a good reason for at least 3 days for sticking close to home. And also gives me a little money which I've been spending much too much of here!! Wanted a couple of more massages and maybe buy some more books, and essential oils but it is just too hot, and when it finally gets cooler, the mospquitoes come to visit. Up until 2 days ago, there weren't any at all!! Now I am trying out various kinds of natural solutions and ways of sleeping at night to try and keep them away from me. (But all this put together saves me money in the end...)

I've also had trouble sleeping at night and trying to work out the best option. (I think last night I finally hit on it). The fan in the room is a little too strong to leave on all night. But when it is on, no mosquitos can land. And when it is off, I need the air from the windows but there are not screens. so for the last 2 nights I tried all kinds of combos but didn't sleep well. Tonight, no matter what, I will keep the windows closed and see how I manage with the fan all nite. Hope that works. (Didn't, but found a good solution last neighbor gave me Neem oil which he said was good. I tried it, and when I shut off the fan, and opened one window to let in some air -keeping the curtain closed but still allowing air in, I slept beautifully. I was not even covered by the sheet, and not one mosquito found its way to me. So I guess the Neem Oil works, and tonight, I will try one other solution. A local Ayurveda cream which the guy in the shop said works perfectly. Said to try it tonight and if it doesn't work, to bring it back for full refund! So I'll try that as well.

Shakti also came back yesterday and it was a lovely reunion.

In just 8 days I 'm off to Delhi. Time goes by very quickly and before you know it I will be in McLeodganj!

That's about it for today. The next post will tell of the interesting Post Office experience. Being out this morning was not quite as bad as I thought but I DID need to take a rickshaw back way could I have walked in the heat.

May go to the Seder at Beit Chabad tonight if Ainat insists, but I would just as soon stay in my room and relax. Will let you know in my next post what happened.

Namaste and Chag Sameach to all.