Sunday, April 29, 2007

India Journal 2006-#50 (WOW)...April 26...A "no walking" day!

"No Walking" Day...HA HA. I had decided that the best rhythm for me is 2 days of walking and one of hanging around town, so today was meant to be a "day off". Decided to get some errands done. took my laundry in...up bhagsu road. Brought some cheese at Osho shop...up Tushita road...checked airtel prices up and down Jogibara road, had breakfast then in my room...bread and ghee and cheese, went down Temple Road to see about my Malas, but the guy was sick with herpes and could hardly move...I certainly understand. Gave him some ointment from my "first aid bag" and wished him well. Then found a shoe store with large variety of shoes and found a really good pair of walking shoes in place of
the ones I've been using all these years since I bought them in India in 2003. The new ones will hopefully be good for comfortable mountain walking and can probably use them when I get home and want to dance as well. The price was also good for a pair of ABS Nike's-certainly much cheaper than at home. Problem here is that women's shoes, which they had a very large selection of quite lovely ones, are only sold up to size 40 and these were all too small on me. Men's shoes are too wide and usually not nice on my foot, but finally found these which are perfect and even look nice (at least the lady in the shop and me thought so). Then continued down to the chemist shop to place my order for over the counter drugs to take home in quantity for me and the family.

And then, as I was almost down at the Temple anyway, decided to continue the rest of the way down emple Road. Went around, and it was, as always, uplifting and serene...spun the prayer wheels and came back up. It is quite warm by now...not hungry for lunch however. Checked out movies and Happy Feet is playing at 5...good for me (never showed since he needs at least 3-4 people to make it worth his while).
Then decided that today was coffee and cake day but couldn't decide where. And then remembered the delicious date and walnut cake at Chocolate Log and that's where I am now. It's been a pleasant and fruitful morning, but LOTS of walking up and down.

Thursday Night...3 AM
Woke up after a strange dream about watering the lawn and mosquitoes and can't stop thinking about mosquitoes for some reason.
My phone ran out of talk time this evening and have to get a new number for sure now. Otherwise I would have sent some SMS's just for fun!!
Did Reiki for almost an hour and still can't sleep. Strange feelings of being unsettled the past day or so, as if something is "out of place". Can't put my finger on anything specific as nothing has changed in any way the past couple of days...
On the one hand I feel the need to be alone, not to be involved with anyone at the moemnt, but the being alone seems to keep me awake at nite. As if my own company is not stimulating enough to tire me out and make for a good night's sleep.

This is the second time this has happened in the past week. I go to sleep around 9 as usual and wake up around 3. Perhaps I simply need less sleep? But I am tired now. I will read and then go back to sleep for a couple of hours as I did last time this happened.
I'm simply so used to sleeping peacefully for 8-9 hours, I find this strange. Maybe I need to go back to working again, but the truth is, I really don't feel like it yet.
The extra money would be nice but something inside is keeping me from "drumming up business" if something is about to happen and this wouldn't be a good time yet to find clients. Laziness? or a legitimate need to "do nothing" perhaps...or just a premonition that something is "on the way"...This is always difficult for me. I was so busy all the time in Rishikesh and this sudden "idelness" is strange for me.
Well, I'll read awhile and what the new day brings.
(As you will see in further posts, all the "feelings" were leading up to something...)