Monday, April 16, 2007


April 15, McLeod
I haven't written much about inner insights and understandings this trip. It seems I've been around others the whole 2 months without much time for inner thought or movement. But just this evening it came to me so clear and simply:

More than anything, I've truly learnt the meaning of living in the moment and by doing so, with complete faith in the wisdom of god and His Univers, I have found the secret of a truly happy and easy existence. I have been working and writing and teaching about Mindfulness and living in the moment for the past 3 years, and this has been for me a validation of everything I've been working on and trying to help others live as well.

Wanting more, or different, or faster, or whatever, only leads to frustration and fears of "what if"..."why me"..etc. Truly being with each moment and living each day as fully as possible and in true gratitude for each day's belssings, brings us true inner peace.

There have been many unexpected things this trip, but I have found the tranquility within to accept and embrace each new things as it comes my way, with true equanimity and grace...and I feel so at peace despite the unexpected at each turn.