Wednesday, May 02, 2007

India Journal 2006-#53-Monsoon Rain on May Day! and a Great Meal with Pictures!!

May 1...3:30 PM
Sitting my's been raining for about 1 hour now...but it's as if someone up there forgot the date! It is REAL monsoon rain. Heavy, noisy, almost like a curtain of water propelled by the wind. Pounding relentlessly on the window, on the sidewalk, drowning out all other sounds. It is a s dark as dusk outside, there is thunder and lightening. The picture doesn't really capture the feeling of the power of Nature and the surprising changes it throws our way when we least expect it. Trees are blowing back and forth as if dancing but not sure of the steps and of which way to move and bend. I wish I could somehow capture the power of these forces and post them to you!

The streets are empty and the water is flowing down in riverlets...I wonder how long this will continue. Supposed to meet friends for dinner but that's almost two hours away. It will probably be over by then.

Aside: And speaking of friends for dinner...have I mentioned that my social life here is jumping? I must keep a diary with dates and places to keep track. and a meal hardly goes by without meeting some old acquaintence or new fascinating person to get to know. I will be so bored at home with my non-existent social life in Raanana!!! It is a whirlwind of social activity which I never experience at home.

I am reminded of my monsoon days here and being stuck in Kailwood for days on end sometimes...But I'm sure this will let up soon.

My goodness! It is getting worse! Hammering at the windows now, the thunder just a second is even darker and I can no longer even see the outlines of the distant peaks...everything is a grey mist in the distance.

But, despite the stomach problem, the back problem, and now again a little stomach activity (seems that everyone has been saying the same's as if there is something in the air here which you pick up-perhaps the open sewage flowing combined with the warmer weather? Can't be healthy for you!)....But with all the recent changes in weather, including today...the past week was very dry and now this rain, my hip is fine and I know, and am thankful each day, for what the Pancha Karma has done for me!!

4 PM...WOW!! Now it is hailing!! 3,4,5 thunder clpas one after the other and of course now the power is off as well. but I have anice candle.

Well, the mist seems to be finally lifting now from the far peaks so perhaps the owrst is now on us and will be over soon. The wind seems to have died down and the thunder continues but is growing more distant. An end seems in sight!

4:30. All clear over the peaks now although the thunder and lightening has gotten closer again. But I'm sure this is the tail end. No more wind now, only soft rain, although still persistent.

In the end, it was over just in time to go out for dinner. I didn't have my camera and wished I had, as a whole group of people, many from Rishikesh, got together for Sushi and we spent a lovely 3 hours of great fun together! Such interesting topics of conversation and such pleasant international company. I am feeling, as always, truly blessed!

Wednesday, May 2nd

Today I went for my treatment with Dhondup, the Tibetan Western trained physiotherapist who I met many years ago here. He has found the perfect way of combining modern techniques with the ancient and proven medicine of Tibet. He did not just treat my lower back pain, but, as with all ancient forms of medicine, treated me holistically. First, when I came in, he said "You don't look well!". He knows me so I guess he could see something. So he took my pulse (the Tibetan system also uses pulse for diagnosis) and found my energy levels at a bare minimum and both my stomach and liver problematic. So he put together a combo of Tibetan Massage, modern physiotherapy techniques, hot herbal bundles and even a Tibetan singing bowl to treat not only my back, but my general condition and get all things back into harmony. My weakness is caused by the liver problem (but he doesn't know what caused the liver problem)...He remembered me very well it seems and I was quite surprised. He has such a thriving practice here but remembered I stay at Kailwood and that I had sent him many clients... I am now a few hours after the treatment and my lower back seems to be a little looser, and although he wanted to give me another session tomorrow, he does not have room until Sunday, when I have an appointment. He asked me to rest for the next few days yet, not because of my back, but because of my weakened state, so will do my best not to do too much walking...but I am really bored already.

Today went down to this fabulous restaurant I already wrote about, and then had the very long, very very steep walk back up, but it was worth it. You can see from the pictures, not only some lovely people I met for lunch today, some the same as last night, but also the lovely dishes we ate. And of course the restaurant itself. The pictures do not do justice to this very special corner of luxury in the middle of nowhere! It is still raining today by the way, but on and off, and thought to see a movie later, but nothing good playing. So will just eat dinner and have an early night.


The Monkey in one of the previous pics comes to visit me sometimes outside my window!

Tomorrow I have a Reiki treatment. As I mentioned, I had decided I wanted to go back to work and no sooner did I decide, than this request for a treatment came along....

That's about it for today