Monday, April 23, 2007

India Journal 2006 #48- April 22-23 SUN SALUTATIONS!


Woke up the first day in my new home...the room is quite pleasant, and although I don't have a terrace, it is not really a promise...I am out most of the day and can sit on the floor terrace if i want to.

The be is one of those hard Indian things that really is painful for thin people with bones hitting the hard surface....but I've padded it with two lovely quilts which were in the closet and so it is nice and, the first morning:

At precisely 6:50 the sun rose gloriously over the mountain peak. I am laying my bed and not only can I suddenly SEE the Sun, I can FEEL its warmth through the window. And this surprised me. It's been light for over an hour and
I've been waiting patiently to see if the sun would, perhaps, show its face over the distant peak I see from my window while laying in bed...and sure it is in all its glory - both to see and feel.

What a fabulous way to wake up in the morning...and now I will begin
my meditation (a little later than usual, was really waiting to check on the sunrise) with blessed sunlight pouting in to warm my body and my soul.

Spent the rest of the day just "being"....met Sara for breakfast and then she came back to see my room and I did a Tarot reading for her, which was fun. Don't really remember what I did after that, but later on saw the movie "blood Diamond"...difficult movie to see but very well acted.

Bought a couple of new books, and am enjoying the first one them called the Circle of Karma by a writer from Bhutan but the novel is about Tibetans and so far I am enjoying it thoroughly....

Monday, April 23
Woke this morning after a very peaceful nite's sleep... oh yes, THE SHOWER!
It has got to be the best shower I have ever had in India to date...even better than most showers at home, especially is powerful, VERY hot, and long enough to do my hair, body and still have hot water to just luxuriate in. another plus of this room.

Ok, woke up this morning to a dawn which broke overcast and cold. But sun is beginning to work its way out from behind the cloud cover.

Had to wear all my warm clothes down to breakfast this morning where I met a very nice German lady named Regina...told me that one of the ways she makes money at home is to participate in clinical trials which she gets paid as much as 5000 EUR for only a few weeks, and, because of the German sensitivity to doing trials on human beings, it is the safest country in the world to participate in them.

She also told me that it was discovered in trials there that all Himalaya products contain enormous amounts of chemicals and pesticides and are therefore banned in Germany. I haven't found anything about it on the internet so far, but will keep checking.

Then I went up to my room to change and go down and meet Abdellah for lunch in Jogibara village, only to get there and find the restaurant closed and he having forgotten and gone off to see Sai Baba or some such thing. anyway, found a taxi back up and had a lovely lunch, and then checked prices for an overnight trip to Amristar to see the Golden Temple and India/Pakistan border crossing changing of the guards, stay over night and come back next morning. I have several people already interested and got really good prices for AC cars or jeeps, only to decide not to go myself. I checked the weather report and saw it is between 43-45 degrees there! So I will give all the information to the others and let them decide what they want to do. But it is definitely not for me...

Made arrangements to meet Abdellah again tomorrow....Ruth, from Rishikesh is arriving tomorrow morning, so she will either come with me, or not...

then walked up to Bhagsu just for the walk and am now here...writing this.

Kind of wasted day but what the heck. Will just rest and read now in my and Yana wants to meet for dinner at the Japanese which is good as I can have light meal of miso soup.

so, basically pretty boring I know....but I imagine that is what my days will be like now here...just resting, walking, eating, reading and of course listening to music and seeing friends now and then.