Thursday, May 31, 2007

India Journal 2006- #67-May 30, 2007- Capuccino Lesson and Flowers to Make your Day!

Strange day...kind of fluidy, without form, just moving along, almost viscous. Warmer than it's been for weeks. Guess I'm not used to that.

finished my shopping at the chemist this morning. Late breakfast...checked out some wireless blut tooth technology available here which allows you to use your laptop, anywhere, with the help of a cellphone which somehow connects you to the internet. Discussed it with Beau but he believes it is not yet available in Israel and suggested I wait until I come next time and get all the gadgets and configurations I need here. The phone accessory would cost 5000 rupees (500 shekel) but then I would have unlimited internet access from my room at the price of 400 rupees (40 shekel-10 $$) a month. Much less than I spend using the internet cafe now and certianly more convenient. Will check it out in Rishikesh when I get back there.

I will also buy computer accessories here for my new laptop as the prices have gone down by alot even since I arrived here, and a wireless mouse, good quality, is only about 450 rupees as compared to 1500 just 2 months ago.
I will pick up a mouse, perhaps a wireless keyboard, and a mike and headphone set, and maybe even a webcam although I hate people seeing me when I am online...will think about that.

This entire discussion, above, I discussed directly with Beau, my computer guy, by speaking with him using Skype which is quite amazing and free, and works just as well, if not better, than a phone. and then I spoke to (and saw) my friend Esther in Tel Aviv on messenger. The world is a pure miracle of technology!

And then felt really tired so took a nap.

Have just photo copied an entire book for the price of 90 rupees (9 shekel) instead of ordering it over the itnernet for well over $30 with postage.

and am now sitting in a coffee house, filled with foreigners, mostly Americans, drinking my first cup of capuccino in over a month. And it WAS a real treat (although my stomach is beginning to tell me "that was not a good idea"!).

NOW THE WHOLE LESSON HERE IS THAT I am really sitting here, as I might in any ocffee house in the world, relaxing, reading, enjoying an amazing view and feeling like I am truly vacationing (and rich at that!). and all for the price of 40 rupees. Now that is a REALLY expensive cup of coffee here in India (but worth the price) but if I would want to do the same simple thing at home it would cost me at least 4 times as much. and this is what is going to be hard for me. Not having this freedom of movement and ability to do whatever moves me at the moment, once I get home. Or, perhaps that IS the lesson. DO what moves me at home as well, since money is no longer an issue in my life, wherever I may be!! (But old habits and training of 60 years die hard and the change in perspective is not easy).

Also, bought myself a present today. I've been looking at a beautiful (I think so) suede purse for about 3 weeks now. Seeing it hanging out every day, and finally decided to DO it today. It was a very liberating moment. Buying something for myself just because I want it. I am moving in a new direction by changing habits of 60 years and it definitely is not easy. I must work at it, and will.

The flowers all over this post are another example. I love flowers, but rarely buy them for myself, seeing them as an unnecessary luxury, and even here, they were not cheap...the price of full meal. But I bought them because I wanted them and they are just soooooooo lovely in my room and giving me so much pleasure.