Sunday, May 27, 2007

India Journal 2006- #65 - May 26-27-Weekend Traffic

Well, first of all, as you can see from the picture, it SNOWED again on the mountains yesterday!! It is now the end of May and this is THE hottest time of the year here...just another example of how global warming has screwed up the weather everywhere. And it was freezing...needed all my winter clothers including my heavy shawel! And today began as a beautiful and warm sunny day, and now, while sitting at the internet, a storm has again begun and it is pouring cats and dogs and COLD!! It's no wonder people get sick here... my day...

Wish I had my video with me now...maybe next Sunday I will come out again and see if I can get pictures of what I will try to describe to you now.

Imagine Saturday Night in Israel, everyone coming back home from the North and traffic backed up for a complete standstill. Now, imagine the same scene but all traffic, cars, jeeps, busses, vans and richshaws and motorcycles must all make their way back on the old road, before it widens into a regular 4 lane highway. But, imagine now just ONE lane, for vehicles going on BOTH directions, no shoulder at all, just buildings and shops adjoining the road on both sides, or, in some places, a steep mountain on one side going straight up from the road and a sheer drop on the other side...remember, no shoulders, no guardrails etc. and now add PEDESTRIAN traffic to that, as well as cows!! Walking up and down this same one lane as well, making their way on either side of the cars, and the really brave ones, weaving their way between the cars!

This will give you a little idea of what the road between Bhagsu and McLeod looks like now when I walked up to Bhagsu. The walk should take no longer than 10 it took almost 1/2 hour by foot, and the cars are not moving at all!! The line of traffic and people was unending from one town to the next, as well as people, in single file on both sides of the road...Very often a PEOPLE jam as well with no place to go but directly up agains the buildings, or if lucky, near a doorway of a shop.

But I finally made it up and am now awiting for my kitcheri and to meet Akhilesh.

Taught a Pranayam workshop today, first session, to Shanti and a second session is next week.

Feeling really really well. Even better than before I got sick!

Nice chat with Akhilesh...come back down, again, no camera, a whole regiment (or whatever you call it...lots) of GIRL soldiers in dress unifroms, walking through town, singing, smiling etc. Really young and sweet. Didn't know India HAD women in the army. Reminded me of the girl soldiers who used to walk through our village sometimes in Israel when they were on maneuvers. I have no idea what they were doing or why they were doing it in McLeod, but it was really nice to see.

And now, rain, thunder and lightning....the weather is truly unbelievable.

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