Monday, May 14, 2007

India Journal 2006-#59 May 12-13. A Blur of Two Days

Well, first of all, today, May 12th, is my father's birthday and I know all my kids went to celebrate with my Mother...really wish I could have been there.

this whole day went by in a blur of activity for me. Breakfast at Nicks, counseling session lasting 2 hours including Tarot reading, Abdellah came to spend the rest of his last day in India with me and his other friend Natasha from Mysore who he introduced me to. Interesting lady who lives "all over" without any real home. She divides her time between India (Mysore, Rishikesh and McLeod), Thailand and Malaysia doing yoga dna Thai Chi Chyuan and giving workshops in Thai Massage whenever she needs money. She is 47.

We spent a few nice hours together including lunch at the Japanese and then saw Abdellah off at the bus and had a drink together and chatted for awhile. At 5 I had my second session with Jai in Mantra Therapy and my back pain is now completely gone and he felt this second session was much easier for HIM than the I am making progress. Next I met Sara and we went for dinner togehter and finally got back to my room after 9...really late for me.

This morning, met a group of 6 Israeli women who took over the other rooms on my floor for the rest of the week. They are really sweet and their company will be nice on and off for the week.

Nick's for breakfast and then up to bhagsu just for a walk. The Temple pool which use to be there for holy dips mainly (Avik went swimming in it every day when we were here a few years ago)...has now been enlarged and tunred into a real public swimming pool...but of course only men and boys in it.

Back to town in time for lunch and my counseling session at 2. Then off again for laundry. Internet down in town today. Did a favor for a friend John (remember the retired Biology professor from Vancouver?)...picked up my malas, had a lite dinner, read out on the terrace until 7:30 and now relaxing in my room with quiet flute music and my deck of cards.

And 2 more days have just gone by!!

Tomorrow, weather allowing, I will go up to Dharamkot.


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