Tuesday, May 15, 2007

India Journal - #61 May 15-Dawn of a New Day-Message in a Dream


arriving at a place I have been coming to on a daily basis for a very long time and all of a sudden, due to certain changes brought about by circumstances I find myself having to do things diffrently than my customary habitual way of doing them upon arrival at this place. And finding myself lost and confused and not able to find my way even though I am in a place that Iknowintimately and well for a long time. (this is not like the dream of getting lost and not getting to a place, or train or whatever on time ...that dream ceased to be a part of my life years ago and is discussed in one of my past posts from several years ago....)

I woke up confused and disturbed and it is now 3 hours later and have been pondering this dream all this time. And I remember it as clearly now as the moment I woke up from it...very powerful.

So I went out on the balcony to welcome the new day and saw a lovely pink dawn for the first time since I've been here...have a picture but it does not do justice...will post it tomorrow just to have a picture to go with the post...and while greeting this new dawn, unfamiliar to me in this place and yet a dawn as every other day dawns, I had an AHA! moment.

I will soon be coming home to a familiar place,but as I am coming home changed, nothing will work the same as before. He will no longer be able to contiue in my previous habits of dealing with things, perceiving things and reacting to them. I will be guided gently in new ways and there is no reason to be concerned about the initial confusion and lack of orientation. I will be given all I need to learn how to navigate the "old world" with my newly acquired energies. Particularly where Yali is concerned. I have already received a large amount of knew insights into what makes him tick and will be guided in ways to ease HIS way.

whenever I try doing something the "old" way, moving along the "old" roads, I will come up against obstacles and they they will simply be there to remind me to navigate along new paths, which I will be guided to if I pay attention.

Should all be quite interesting.

I am doing my Aura Transformation tomorrow but have already begun reading related material. I wonder if any of you have bothered checking out the link I sent a couple of days ago so you have some idea what I am talking about.

My friend Sandra who was supposed to spend a couple of weeks here with me is now quite ill in Rishikesh and will not be coming. She will come however to Israel in September.

and I am slowly working less as my clients are leaving and I don't see new ones arriving. It is as it should be for this last month will be a time of complete inner work and expansion before my return home. Time to integrate new energies and begin to learn to flow in new ways in my own familiar surroundings.