Friday, May 25, 2007

India Journal 2006-#64 May 24,-25- And Another Couple of Days Go By


Big improvement in my health but still not "myself"...or maybe this is a "new self"?. all I feel like doing is NOTHING! Just reading, enjoying the mountain air, listening to music....when I even THINK of walking up the mluntain I feel weakness all over! Maybe it's just too soon.

I am trying to relax into this feeling of doing nothing. (Things tend to happen when you are doing nothing....just BEING). Nick's, with its lovely terrace, good inexpensive food and fresh view of the mountains, as well as plenty of shade (the weather is still very hot), and of course nice clean toilet...I've made it my refuge this week. I come here in the morning

for breakfast and usually evening for is about as far as I can walk anyways these days. I can sit here for as long as I want...sometimes I meet people...sometimes I don't...either is fine.

Perhaps this is forced relaxation for me as I have had VERY little of it since I got to India and probably will have none when I get home in 3 weeks. Not even my house to myself. So will make every effort to appreciate what I have, as boring as it may sound, for as long as it lasts. I still look forward to walking the mountain, but will not let NOT doing it depress me.

3 PM same day.....Feeling even better than this morning and know another day or so will do it. Did alot of walking today, in town, for the first time in 4 days. It's also turned very warm. and for the first time I need the fan in my room. Happy that I opted for a room with fan now that I need it.

Time is getting short but I am sure I will begin walking again in a couple of days and my mood has swiftly changed and I have my smile back. It was a hard 4 days for me, but not bad in retrospect and did put things into perspective for me so I can't complain.

I am grateful and accepting of ALL things which come my way and know each thing is for a reason which will benefit me in some way.


Woke up to a nasty day (of course ...after 2 lovely ones!)...decided to do a little walking but I guess I was being told it was too soon. By mid-morning a storm had rolled in, the wind was so powerful it was howling and the tall pines were swaying from side to side as if they were broomsticks...the power was off and I was up in my room.

So, to keep my feet moving, danced for an hour...the storm was over, with no rain, after 2 hours and now again it is VERY dry and quite hot outside.

Went to Ashoka for lunch as I felt the need for some chicken. My appetite has come back, but as I am trying to be careful about what I eat, I am quite limited and it is difficult to fill my stomach. Well, I ate the best chicken tikka I have ever had in India. Perfectly seasoned and not cooked until it is dry, but so juicy it melted in my mouth. and I met a lovely Israeli couple there. I had this uncontrollable urge to speak to them and turns out that he runs a center in Ramat Hasharon for body/soul work for professionals...doctors, psychotherapists, nurses etc. I will check out their website but it seems like a really serious center where only quality professionals come to supplement their regular work life with body/spirit work. Meditation, Vipassana, Buddhist philosophy etc. We spoke for awhile and they were quite interested in what I do and what I plan to do with spiritual group tours in India, and perhaps this is another direction for me when the time comes. It certainly was not "just by chance"that we met. We all realized that. Will send more info when I have it.

Feeling much better today, although still not 100%...but being patient and enjoying lots of music and reading.

Have my final Aura transformation this evening and will learn some interesting things there which I will write about tomorrow....all things are coming to a climax now and I think the next 3 weeks will give birth to many new things for me before I get home.

That's about it for today....boring again I know but what to do?