Friday, May 04, 2007

India Journal 2006 - #54 May 3-4 "By Chance" Meeting and Dawn of a New Day

Thursday, May 3rd


Had my first session with "S" today, the lady who I met "by chance" my very first day here when I was looking for a room. And then, just after asking to begin working again, she "by chance" bumped into me on the street and asked if I had begun working!

I just spent a very long time with her and while she was talking with me, following her Reiki treatment, amazing things began to happen. In the end, I was once again, as in Rishikesh, given a clear and concise message to pass on to her about wheat she needs to do to "move on" in life. She will be coming again tomorrow and recommending me to others. And the truth is, I feel quite energized even though the 2 hours were very intense for both of us.
I guess that when I am serving others, I always feel wonderful. Even my back seems to hurt less despite the very uncomfortable position I was in to do the Reiki without the benefit of a massage table.

Will now go see about lunch. Am really hungry for the first time in many days.

Weather still nasty and overcast but so far no rain today.

Thursday con't...
Just a quick note...Lunch...found myself drawn to the little French Cafe down the road from my hotel that I've been meaning to try several times in the past but it never worked out. Had the best
salad I've had in over 3 months...or maybe even longer... A bowl FULL of fresh, crisp, pale green silky butter type lettuce leaves, some cucumber and tomato and BLACK OLIVES all lightly and delicately seasoned with real French dressing made with olive oil, mustard and herbs. Then I ordered Pasta with butter, not knowing what I'd get. Well, if I had made it myself at home it couldn't have been more perfect. From the al Dente Penne, to the exact amount of butter and salt needed. Masala chai finished off the meal and I left a very happy lady, and for the first time in many weeks felt satisfied but not uncomfortable in my stomach. The best way to describe the feeling would be "clean".

The rest of the day past uneventfully but the lady, Sara, who had gone off to Amristar on Sunday without me, bumped into me on the street. She said of course it was amazing and I sitll must get there...but she came home sick and has been in bed with fever since Monday. She conceded that it was a very difficult day...between the heat of the day and the AC in the car, as well as the long ride back and was just too much.

We also agreed that the combination of stomach illes and rainy overcast weather is very depressing to say th least. Many people have simply left looking for someplace more suitable.

Also received an upsetting phone call from one of my daughters but slept well despite this....and now it is:


Today is the dawning of a new day and I truly hope a new more optimistic time here. What has made the difference??

THE SUN! For the first time in a week the sun rose over the peak straight into my up my room, my eyes and my soul The sun has a powerful effect on the human spirit. It is the soul of our Universe, sustaining life and growth, but it is also the soul of our spirit...the "sould of our soul" if you will. Uplifting source of loving energy filling each breath with warmth and optimism.

And, in addition, I woke with just about no back pain whatsoever.

I have another session today with Sue and then will finally begin walking again. What the next month or so holds in store for me here, health and weather wise, I have no idea. But I DO know that today dawned as a perfect day and I intend to embrace and enjoy every single moment of it.

Next post will be about a local problem, but will leave it to write up plans fro the day, as so often happens in India, were changed because of this local incident, but in the end, I have an appointment today at 5 with a very well know astrologer...after the sessions I had with "S", I decided to treat myself...even though I didn't go in rishikesh, I now feel the need to do it. Will report back tomorrow!!