Friday, June 01, 2007

India Journal 2006- #68-Beginning of Vacation-Lots of Pics and New Friend


In just 2 weeks from today I will already be in Delhi on my way home and so I decided I would really be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and even make believe I am a tourist!

So I went out today with my camera, and mostly what you have here are pics of my day. I've been meeting lots of interesting people since yesterday, some I met in Rishikesh and others just met up with here, but they seem to bump into me all over the place.

Check out further in the post for lots of pictures.....

Met one guy today in Bhagsu
who gave me some very useful information about getting a visa for longer than 6 months, and also some suggestions about living in Rishikesh etc., and he took info from me about Panchakarma...we had a pleasant breakfast...

There are shots here from my walk up, the swimming pool in Bhagsu, which used to be just the sacred temple pool but is now a public swimming pool, and just some pics I imagine I would have taken if this had been my first trip...tried to see things as if this is my first time...enjoy . I find the weather warm enough these days that it takes its toll on me when I walk and I wind up coming back home with a light headache, even though I drink enough....

Didn't write before about the people I'm seeing these days, but since I declared vacation, been meeting lots of nice new people and some people who I met awhile ago seem to be turning up it is really nice.

Now, a few days ago a new guy came into the guesthouse, and we really hit it off. He is 47, gay, has a house on one of the islands in thailand where he lives much of the year but is originally from England. We have been having some great conversations, and now it seems he has a laptop and has offerred to lend it to me to watch movies. I took it last night and had it until now, and it was really lovely having it in the room. I am really going to enjoy having mine with me next trip. His name is william, and we are going HORSBACKRIDING on Monday. I've been contemplating doing this since my very first trip here, figuring it would be a good way to get up to Triund, and when he mentioned he was going, and suggested my coming along, I decided to do it! Just a half day trip but sounds really nice...will take my camera along and hope to get some good shots. He is really fun, reminds me alot of my fun days with Abdellah...very comfortable to be with and just nice pleasant company. He is leaving on Wednesday but it will be nice spending these last few days with him and adds lots ot my vacation days.

Soldiers coming out of Temple

Women jealously watching the men in the cool pool! Reminds of Women
up in the balconey watching men dancing in a synagogue

New Buddhist Temple in McLeod..Not yet finished

and the local dentist!!


Bhagsu fields

Temple Crowd in Bhagsu on a quiet day...weekend begins this afternoon and Saturday and Sunday and then the place is really packed!!

Guess what?

Original Holy Pool and new Public Pool using the same mountain water

View Walking up to Bhagsu

Typical Village house and field

And another

Street Scene McLeod

New Building in McLeod as seen from Bhagsu road

Just a Cow on the Mountain

Schoolkids at Recess in Bhagsu

Just walking up to Bhagsu

Downtown Traffic on a QUIET day!

Lady Carrying Wood

Down the Valley from Bhagsu road