Thursday, May 10, 2007

India Journal 2006-#57 May 10- Very Fruitful Day! and...


Thursday, May 10

Today was a lovely day from beginning to end, but i will, just for convenience sake (for me) begin at the end and then go to the beginning...if you get my point.

It is now 6 PM and just finished up the day with a meeting for coffee with Abdellah...and I had my first iced coffee in over a year...and it was worth the "sin" for the pleasure I received from it! We spoke as usual and laughed and enjoyed...he is leaving tomorrow!! Very sad...andway, helped him finish up his last minute shopping and then we were discussing ways of getting back to Elhi and decided to check up on some leads I've been given about alternatives, which seemed impossible but figured I'd try.

There is a new travel agent hidden away behind some local incense shop (Tara Herbal shop), and I heard that you can get a jeep all the way to Delhi for the same price as the bus...400 rupees...seemed impossible so went in to check. I met a lovely young man, looks 16 but he is all of 21!, and he even has a branch offcie in Delhi right in Pahar before even discussing my own issues, I told him about my plans to bring groups and have now found
someone at this end here who can help me, in addition to my contacts in Rishikesh! This is very important to me for backup and we discussed many options about overland travel, hotels etc. Then, when I gave him my card, he asked me if I work as a Reiki Master here, and when I said yes, asked for some cards and a sign as well, which I will bring him tomorrow....

And then I got down to the nitty gritty of the jeep...seems he sends jeeps (A chevrolet Van) down to Delhi to pick up small groups, and sends them down from here empty. So when he knows he will be sending a jeep down, he is very happy to put even ONE person in it for the 400 rupees he gets...but he generally knows only close to the date. In the end, I asked him about trains from Pathankot (or Chakki Bank) which arrive in New Delhi (as opposed to Old Delhi Station where I usually come in and then have the hassle of getting to Pahar Ganj from there). Up until now, the only trains that did this were day trains and I do not like travelling by train during the day...prefer to sleep the night away and arrive in the morning...also when it is still cool, when I leave at night and arrive early morning. But he said there is a new express train which leaves at 9:30 PM from Chakki Bank and arrives 6 AM in NEW DELHI but it is avery popular train and fills up very fast. So I asked him to check for me for June 14th and there were only a few seats left! I ordered one, lower berth that I like, 2 AC and then asked the price. He told me and I asked how much for over 60 and he said "I thought you were buying the ticket for yourself!!"....well, I explained that I was and of course again this lovely age saved me over 300 rupees....So I now have a train ticket and if, for any reason he gets a jeep going, he will call me, cancel my train ticket and I will get down to Delhi in a Chevy Van, which will stop as often as I like for peeing, and which will be mostly empty so I can stretch out, and it will then only cost me 400 rupees, instead of the 1900 I will have to pay for taxi to the train station plus my train ticket.

And meeting him was wonderful and now have a new resource person here in India for when I begin my groups!

And now back to earlier.....

The Mantra Therapy....well...the astrologer had mentioned to me that he would like to give me a few sessions of Mantra Therapy to help release the impediments from birth which were keeping my 2nd and 3rd chakras blocked all these years, no matter what I tried. He explained that Mantra Therapy is just a fancy name for what the Hindu priests do when ever a child is born in India. They immediately have a horoscope made up and then if there are any problems, the priest will chant certain Mantras during infancy, and again every so often if necessary, to get rid of these impediments....but since I was not born in India, I have lived with this impediment my whole life and so he will do 3-4 sessions to try and get rid of it using the Mantras. I agreed at first but then decided I did not want to spend any more money while here on this kind of thing so left him a message. He never got the message, but I bumped into him "accidentally" on the street the same day, and when I asked why I didn't come I explained and apologized. He said he never mentioned money, had not intention of taking money from me...he only wants to do whatever he can to ease this business and make the rest of my years a pleasant as possible. I was a little embarrassed but he insisted, so yesterday I went for my first of 3-4 sessions of 15 minutes each. He explained what he would be doing, asked my permission and then began. At some point he stopped, asked me to open my eyes, and I saw he was literally dripping with sweat and breathing heavily saying" This is REALLY hard work" I've never done this on someone your age with so many years of blockage before"....he continued then and explained it would take 7-8 sessions he figures, but each one would help and by the time he finishes, I will be cleared! I take his word for it and will keep you updated.

I've noticed that tourist population here is different than from my past experience. There are an enormous amount of Asians...Koreans, Japanese and Chinese here, as well as many from South America, America, all over europe....And I see very few Israelis unless I go up to Bhagsu or Dharamkot where that is ALL I see.!!

I had a full consultation and Tarot reading today with one of my "regulars" and have another on Saturday. And another lady will beginning a meditation/pranayama workshop at the beginning fo the week. For now, my work is covering all my expenses except for my "rent" which I have put aside, and I'm not working hard at all, and enjoying every moment and being energized as well.

Walked up to Bhagsu for a nice Thali lunch today. wonder how the next month will pass...seems like a long time to me on the one hand but hopefully it will go quickly. No matter what, still healthier for me in all respects (except perhaps foodwise) to reamin here the full time. The days are still very changeable weatherwise but never so hot that it gets uncomfortable. Even at the heat of the day like now, 12-2, when I walked up and back to Bhagsu, it was quite comfortable, even in the full sun.

And that brings me to this evening....will have a nice dinner, and if I am not too tired (didn't rest for a minute today) may take in a mover 'Water" at 8.

Tomorrow meeting Sara for lunch and will see Abdellah one more time before he leaves on Saturday evening.

And that's about it