Saturday, May 12, 2007

India Journal 2006-#58 May 11th...and yet another storm...the worst yet!

Snow on the mountain above....

...and rain in town below

Woke again to another storm and after the beautiful weather the last couple of days it is hard to believe I have my winter clothes on again. The picture above doesn't do justice to the storm, but you can see that new snow has fallen again on the mountain. It actually has been raining ALL day...a real first...from 7 this morning, until now, 5 PM, and still no end in sight!

But it was not a wasted day and caught up on some letter writing this morning, then Sara met me (the French Lady) to have me help her with English. She wants to pay me to give her lessons starting next week....hmmmmm.

then we went to Boom Boom for lunch. She had roast chicken in orange sauce with little roasted potatoes and salal and I had a crepe with sour cream, cheese and spinach filling topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Quite lovely. We luckily caught a taxi going back up, I picked up my train ticket and took Sara to the new travel agent to get flights from Delhi to Leh, Leh to Srinagar (her daughter is getting married to a Kashmiri and there were only 2 seats left for the end of JULY!!)...and then back to Delhi from Srinagar.

Then helped her find a new bag and she also made an appointment with the astrologer. All this in the rain, but we were well dressed.

Now back to my room to rest and decide about dinner and where to go....such difficult decisions all the time!!

Did some needlepoint this morning and luckily have my musci as well.

Tomorrow I have a counseling session and another on Sunday...and my own Mantra Therapy session as well tomorrow. (It is already tomorrow and it was much easier for him than the first one and I felt energies moving this time as well...). Since my first one a couple of days ago, my back pain (second chakra area) is completely gone. Even went back to yoga! body \ mind\spirit....powerful stuff.

Now that I know for sure when I am leaving, it seems too soon. I'd be happier if the weather was nice, but still content with each day.