Wednesday, May 23, 2007

India Journal 2006-#63 May 22,-23- Somewhere Over the Rainbow...and the Elephant

The pictures here do not do justice to what the afternoon brought today, but if you use your imagination, you will feel the blessing I felt when this rainbow appeared.

I was sitting out on the balcony with a new lady who just checked in, and a storm started to blow up so we back into our rooms. As I got into my room, I saw the sun was out on the other side of the sky and figured there had to be a rainbow, so go tmy camera and went back out, to find the lady there as well, figuring the same thing as me.

And as we stood there, quite disappointed that there was no rainbow, all of a sudden, it began to appear. Slowly and faintly at first, but as the rain and wind picked up, the colors became more alive and vibrant, and it actually began in the valley floor and spread all the way around to the trees behind us. I could not capture the whole scene, and the camera does NO justice whatsoever to the brilliance of the colors. And I've never really seen a rainbow which begins on the ground and 1/3 of it is on "land" before ascending into the heavens. It became more and more colorful and brilliant as we watched, for over 15 minutes, and then, although I doubt you can see it in the last picture, a second rainbow appeared, very faint but definitely there, above the first. So, for all the terrible weather we've been experiencing here, this was a true blessing and quite impressive. God's gifts to us are with us at every moment, but sometimes he has the need to do something spectacular to remind us!!

I Went to the Ayurveda doctor in the morning as I was feeling so bad it was becoming depressing, my third day with fever and weakness, headcold etc. He gave me something and lo and behold, I slept like a baby last night without 3 pillows to prop me up, nose dry, no cough and no fever. Too bad I didn't check him out 3 days ago!

I am still quite weak today and sure it will be a few more days, but there is a vast imporvement, in my spirits as well! He told me to continue to take the meds for three full days AFTER I'm feeling completely better. I will bring some of this stuff home with me as well.

The weather I'm sure is part of the problem, as many people are sick now...sun in the morning, stormy in the evening, and today is VERY dry and VERY hot.

I know this journal has become quite boring, but I find that I no longer have the need to WRITE about what I see here all the time...that should not be construed to mean that I take all the beauty around me for granted!! Far from it! I sit here and count my blessings many times each day and thank God often for allowing me to be here once again. But the need to describe each thing as it happens, or as I see it unfold before me, seems to no longer be a pressing need as it once was.

So, for those who still need to read these descriptive posts, simply go to my other India Journal (you can find the link on the sidebar) and check out the descriptive posts from McLeod and you will see either for the first time, or once again, the miraculous things which one finds here and the miracles that Nature and God can achieve just by being with them here in the mountains.


While sitting on the balcony and looking across the valley to the road on the other side of the mountain, I saw an elephant coming down Bhagsu Road. At first I thought I was dreaming as I've never seen an elephant here in town before, but I followed it down the road and sure enough, it was an elephant, with loads of children running after it down the road.

If I had felt OK, I would have gone down and over to Bhagsu road to see it as it arrived in town, but you will have to take my word for it, there definitely was an elephant here yesterday!