Monday, May 21, 2007

India Journal 2006-#62 May 18-21-If You Have to Be Sick...


Well, if you have to be sick, this is a good place to do it...when you can see this from the balcony in the morning,

and this in the evening!!

and lots of interesting interactions during the day between the mountains and the sky, the clouds moving, coming in to cover, the wind blowing them away and the sky blue again...better than watching television for sure!!

Let me just go back a couple of days and catch up and then will continue with the above:

Friday Nite

Didn't sleep well at all and in the middle of the night there was this amazing phenomena of a a strange kind of electrical storm.

It was as if someone was flicking a light switch on and off in the Universe...the sky kept flickering from pitch black (the electricity was cut so it was REALLY dark outside and in as well) to brilliant white/blue light every second or two....there was a low rumbling in the distance which never ceased as well...and this continued for over 15 minutes, accompanied by a soft rain and no wind. Later on the storm got closer and the flickering more intense and the rumbling as loud as a train passing under my window....all quite spectacular and worth being up to watch.
Finally slept for a few hours early morning....woke up...did a full yoga practice, pranayama and meditation, showered and felt good. Went down for breakfast but at some point began feeling a strange weakness in my body, as if all the energy was leaking out. Had planned to go up to Bhagsu for Kicheri and a walk and perhaps visit Sara, but I felt like I simply needed to fall back in bed. Headed back to my room, really really feeling weak...Felt like I could fall asleep right on the table at Nick's terrace!

Stopped for a piece of cheese thinking I might not make it out again today (good move!). Had picked up anew book before breakfast and now literally fell into bed after barely having energy to get undressed. Really really weak and also have feeling of hot flashes and then chilling. Funny feeling in my knees and thighs as well.

Back to Sunday...

Nice room and fairly nice balcony and plenty of people to watch below which is good on a day like this where I am not out and about. The sun is out and nice and strong on my body and hopefully will help to dry up a head cold.

Well, was optimistic in the morning, but the day got worse as it moved along. Began feeling feverish and found I could barely walk around the room....aching all over, etc. Checked and found I had 38 fever which is quite unusual for me.

Began to take care of myself with sage gargle, gal-neti( nostril cleaning with salt water), plenty of warm fluids, extra Tulsi, Traumeel and the restaurant was very nice about bringing up food and water when I requested it. As the day wore on and I felt weaker and weaker, I could no longer read, but had my lovely music, played solitaire on the IPOD so I could do it laying down!...And finally felt so miserable I sent an SMS to some of my kids....And I was awarded with the best medicine I could have gotten. A phone call from my son! It was lovely speaking to him and it really cheered me up and made me feel that all would be well for sure.

Didn't sleep real well at night but could feel things clearing up as the night wore on.

Woke up this morning, not only FELT much better than yesterday, but when I looked in the mirror saw that I LOOKED much better. At least you could see my eyes and there was some color back in my face.

Took a REAL hot shower, dressed, went down for breakfast, and am now here. I am still feeling weak and will rest the day away today as well...but whatever it is, it is not as bad as it could have been and am sure by tomorrow I will be as good as new!