Tuesday, May 08, 2007

India Journal 2006- #56- May 5-8 Best Laid Plans...and Catching-Up Musings

Tuesday, May 8th...

Decided yesterday to take a couple of days off from my regular working schedule so that I could do some walking and exploring up the mountain and in Dharamkot and Bhagsu. I will be writing about this day, from the storm in the morning to the lovely walk later on...but first want to catch up with the past couple of days. So let's go back, I'll fill in details and some musings over the past couple of days, and if this part bores you, just skip down to where I start writing about today's adventure and interesting discoveries, including some pictures.

Went to the Astrologer today, and have sent a detailed report to those I thought might be interested. If you did not get this report, and would be interested in this very interesting session, just let me know. I won't go into any details here, but I was quite pleased with the session which gave me much validation and understanding of the past few years, the coming few years, as well as reasons for lots of things which have happened throughout my life....as well as a very good explanation of WHY the configuration of the Planets at our birth does actually have some influence on our life.

Sunday, May 5

Busy days...felling very good although after another session with Dhondup and pretty much relief from my back, it became apparent to him that the weather, with it's rain almost every day and quick changes from wet to dry and hot to chilly...as well as my not eating properly are what's causing this pain to persist.

But my days are very busy at any rate...on the move all day...no need for afternoon naps these days...Up at 6 AM and asleep by 9 most evenings. I have been working each day, tomorrow TWO sessions in one day. a Reiki Master herself is coming back for her third session...

Am seeing friends, going to the movies when something good is playing at a good time, but as my mornings and early afternoons are taken up by work, I have had no time to get back up the mountain since I went a couple of weeks ago, even though I am feeling energetic enough to do it. The days go by quickly and pleasantly however, and will soon be time to come home! Just 5 more weeks.....

I've been here over 3 weeks and am feeling quite at home but the expereince is very different than my other sogourns in McLeod. As I mentioned previously, I've had the feeling for years now that after my last trip I would "never come back". and that is proving itself true. I've come as a different person and this is a different place for me with a different purpose in my life. and that's OK.

Much of what the astrologer said has also changed my expectations (I know, I should never HAVE any expectations), and perspectives about my time here and I now know that the remaing time I have here will go by too quicly.

And before I know it, I will be home, finishing up my "negative" period and beginning my cleansing period. Wherever the next few months will take me, I am sure it will be interesting!

I really wish I had a laptop here as late at night I've had urges to write and would have done so on a computer, but no urge to do it by hand....

Made up signs today as well just to advertise a little. They look quite nice but will be putting up very few...want some business, but not too much.

Found a place to eat as well...yellow dahl, just cooked perfectly...great chapati and hopefully this will help with my eating problems. They didn't have change of 500 rupees in the place when I went to pay, so said just to come around whenever I can to pay!! can you imagine walking out of a restaurant anywhere at home without paying???? (Aside: I was a little disturbed as this simple meal cost me 90 (!) rupees and today, Tuesday, on my walk back through Bhagsu, found an even better place and a whole thali with brown rice, fresh vegetables, cooked veggies, and delicious dahl and curd only cost 45 rupees...I will definitely be coming back up here to eat at least every couple of days)


Had 2 sessions today, both very deep and now both of these women have asked to continue but more in the form of counseling and coaching than Reiki...seems the series of Reiki treatments has "moved" something in them and they now feel the need to explore these feelings more deeply...and this is precisely how I like to work with people... They also want a pranayama/meditation workshop as they would like, each, a personal kind of practice which they could continue to do easily once they get home. I feel so GOOD doing this. I used to feel tense and apprehensive when people were coming to me, and now, I just flow with it. Do a meditation to connect and then really "let go and let God" and it all flows. Very lovely feeling and much satisfaction.

Then my freind Ruth came to say good-bye. She's back to Australia via Delhi tonight.

Then, at 6 in the evening, decided to go out for some fresh air. Sat on the roof for awhile and then took a short walk and now will have a lite snack and off to bed early. Took the day off tomorrow and will take a walk finally yup to see how I feel. Perhaps see Akhilesh.

And that brings us up to date...and it is now Tuesday!

So, back to the Best Laid Plans...

Thought to visit Akhilesh, see the Ayurveda Doctor, walk around the "new" dharamkot, etc. Pictures below show first the old, quiet Dharamkot, as does the picture at the beginning of the post,

and then a few pictures of the

NEW SPRAWL covering the mountain slopes:

Well, I woke up at 6 as usual, and everything seemed normal. Now it is 7:45 and it has turned so dark, I thought night had returned! And yes, you guessed it, it is pouring rain and quite windy and cold. Out with the warm clothing again. And just yesterday was really warm...seems every time the weather warms up here, it rains to cool things down. It is REALLY dreary...Oh my, thundering as well. Perhaps in a few hours it will all be over and I'll go walking anyway.

10:30 AM.... The storm is still raging and getting worse. The winds are not howling, they are roaring, like a train pulling into a station. And things are blowing and crashing down in the street. There is a terrible draft in the room. Would hate to be here in the winter. I am wearing my warm clothes, have my heavy shawl around me and then have a blanket covering me while I listen to music and read. Luckily, during my walk yesterday evening I bought a couple of new books...so at least I have something to read. Wonder how long my IPOD will work without recharging, as of course, there is no power. The sun will be most appreciated when it finally shines.

2 PM

Well, it finally let up and a brilliant sun came out. I went up to Dharamkot, had a quick visit with Anil and gave him some business cards to give to people (which means he now knows where to find me...nope I didn't make a mistake, although I made it very plain to him that I am not interested)...and then walked through the "new", downtown Dharamkot....I was amazed. It is a whole new place as you can see from the above pictures...Where there was just restaurant, there are now one after the other...see the pic below and the interesting name of one of the local places (it is transliterated Hebrew and the name means "easy drugs"!!!)

And the entire slope is filled with new buildings. Things are still hauled around by women in the same way however...

Remember in one of my stories from 2 years ago I mentioned the monstrosity that Chabad was building on the slope and how ugly and out of place it was? Well, it is still an ugly, out-of-place monstrosity and still unfinished, and looks like it never will be! Chabad seems to have taken over a modest building in the "center" of town...

The town is spread out now down towards Bhagsu and bhagsu has spread UP the slopes. It is all quite upsetting! And then I finally met akhilesh after an unsuccessful meeting with the local Ayurveda Doc...

We sat talking for awhile and he began telling me that something has happened to his feeling about this place...something about the energy being different...couldn't put his finger on it, but I knew exactly what he was trying to describe and told him so. Things he will never come back here again, even though he has been doing this for soooooooooo many years. When I told him these were my exact feelings, he was relieved and said he really thought something had happened to HIM. Bhagsu and Sharamkot are swarming with Israelis...at least 90%...there has been much violence over the past couple of months, even a knifing last week he said...and he feels that this is no longer the spiritual, perfect, tranquile energy retreat is was until now. So we both felt better knowing that both of us felt the same change...He says he no longer has any friends here as the only people remaining are those interested only in making money...all the really spiritual ones have checked out!!

And then, after the nice lunch I mentioned above at Gypsy King in Bhagsu...I walked back home, feeling very energized and alive. It was a wonderful morning/afternoon in the end....and will end with the following sign in one of the shops on the way down from Bhagsu...just for fun