Saturday, May 12, 2007

India Journal 2006-May 12th...Lesson from the Weather and...THE reason for my being here...

It is so strange...As compensation for yesterday morning, I am now sitting out in the sun waiting for my breakfast...

and the street looks so different than yesterday, as does the view of the mountains...

I am now sitting at Nick's and it is glorious. Perhaps this is just a reflection of the reality of life, and just proves that the sun always shines again after the rain, and it is SO much more appreciated when it disappears for awhile. I guess this is pretty much what our whole life is about. Being thankful for EVERYTHING...for even what seems bad, is actually good, and what we perceived as good we appreciate so much more when we haven't experienced it for awhile!!

So, thanks for the blessing of the storms and thanks for the quiet after the storm!!

And now...THE reason (or so it seems) for my being here. Every trip seems to bring ONE unexpected turn of events which seems to define the meaning for that trip (in addition to all the obvious reasons for the trips)...and yesterday evening seems to have brought me that clarity of understanding.

Yesterday evening, I went out for dinner despite the rain and didn't really know what I wanted. After Boom Boom I wanted something light. Went past a restaurant I've never been in before and something made me walk in. But it was overfull and I began to walk out when someone got up to leave, so I sat down.

Ordered something and began to read, when a young girl (woman) at the next table asked me, out of the blue, if I'd found a good hotel. Well, we spoke for awhile and then she joined me at my table. There was some kind of immediate "click" and we began talking. Long story short.

She is a healer who works with some new kind of energies and a system developed in Denmark called "Aura Transformation". Pleasce check this link by clicking here , and reading more about it, particularly the parts about Indigo and Crystal children. Since I've felt for years that Yali, my grandson, is a crystal child, I spoke to her about him and everything I've felt is exactly on target. All of his problems and difficulties with this life of his, and all the problems his family has dealing with him...are all manifestations of his crystal nature and energies. Read about it on the above link.
In short, I am trying toconvince her to perform the process on me which will not only benefit me and all those I serve as clients, but will pull me more into the energy vibrations and frequencies of Yali and perhaps I will be able to ease his way.
And of course, if I could learn to DO the process...I could help everyone help him more. And use it in my healing work as well. And I think THIS is perhaps the main reason I am here now . This and the Mantra therapy which hpefully will cleanse my chakras as well, as nothing has been successful in doing all these years.

I'm sitting here with a felling of complete peace and wellbeing which I haven't felt in a long time. It's as if I've found something I've been searching for, but I have not been actively "looking" for anything. But I pray and meditate each day and part of those prayers/meditations is that if there is anything I need to know, which I do not, or anything I need to be doing at this part of my life which I am not, then please make me aware of it and give me the wisdom to "see" it when you send it along.
So, the "chance" meeting last night was an answer to a prayer and the wellbeing I am feeling right now, aside from the glorious weather and snow capped mountain in front of me, is due to this complete and certain udnerstanding that validates my faither and belief that I am always sent precisely what I am in need of at any given period of my life.