Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pictures from Rishikesh Market-THE COLORS!

I took a rickshaw down to the local Market today with a very sweet girl named Meital, 29 years old, here to get more experience in yoga before beginning classes. She is a yoga instructor but has not been doing it seriously yet...

I won't write about what we saw, just say that it was a wonderful morning, and if we would have found a toilet, we would have stayed longer!...I will let all the pictures tell the story...I've even taken a video so the sounds can be heard, but will not be posting it for awhile...perhaps only after I get home.

Make sure you open the "read more" as there are lots of pics there as well. I haven't even given them titles...I think they are self explanatory...the colors, the of the things I never get enough of in India.!

If you double click the picture, it will open in a full page view...I am adding some descriptions where necessary:

A small vegetable stand with Meital in the picture

This is a girl in a courtyard drawing water from a well...right in the center of town.

Bangles sold in the market and everyplace else you look in India!!

Florist Shop...the hanging flowers are used in pujas at temples or along the Ganga!

Marigolds are favorite offerings to the gods at the temples or on the Ganga

A Sari Shop!

Spice Shop

Tailor "shop"

Just a picture with a glimpse of a small section of the market street!

Another section of the street. The brass thing in the foreground is used to "chana masala"...a snack made of chickpeas and sold on the street during the day....

More vegetable stands...

Colors used to throw on people during the upcoming Holi Festival!

Another street view

Typical Indian street scene....cow, motorbike and Tata truck!

MOre clothing shops...