Tuesday, February 13, 2007

India Journal 2006 #7 Feb 12-13 Talk About the Weather!

Well, I'd rather not talk about the weather. What a disappointment. But first let's go back to yesterday and finish up the nice stuff, and then we can talk about the weather for a minute or two.

Monday, Feb 12th, 6 PM
I am now in my room after a very busy day. I've checked the weather on the internet (you can do the same if you want to know what the weather is like here...Google "Dehradun weather" and the first site on the page will be "wunderground. There you can see the weather for 5 days and know what I'm going through.

I checked because I wanted to know if I could give in my winter clothes to the laundry, but I won't be able to do that until at least Saturday. I am wearing ALL of my clothes, and have taken to changing the UNDER piece of clothing since I cannot give them into the wash. But at least they keep me warm. This internet place is nice...it is heated!

My cold is not worse but not good either. Yesterday evening asked the guy in the kitchen to chop up an onion and cover it with honey

and of course he asked what I was going to do with it. When I told him I was going to eat the juice to clear up my cold...he thought that was hysterical and called all the guys over to tell them about the crazy old lady....but they gave it to me and it helped.

Tuesday, Feb 13, 6 PM
I slept well last night and woke up to pouring rain....worse than yesterday and much colder and seriously considered not going to day. It is like Jerusalem...about 10 degrees and windy...really not pleasant! But the doctor was supposed to see me and Vivek said he would also teach me how to put water up one nostril and out the other to clear up my cold and figured that would be good to know. I am also taking my Traumil and have bought Tulasi, which is Ayurveda stuff for immune system and hopefully, once the sun comes out this will simply pass over.

So, I got dressed warm, including my hat (later in the day I finally bought a raincoat which I will use for the next couple of days because even with an umbrella, crossing the bridge you get soaked from the wind driving the rain across at an angle) and took a rickshaw down. When I arrived, Vivek said he had sent me a message on the phone (which I keep closed) that if I wanted to "take rest today" I could as the weather was so bad. But I was happy I went. The power was on the whole time today, so the heater was working and I had my massage, plus really learnt how to do the wsater thing and it helped and also met with the doctor who was very pleased with my progress and presecibed the treatment for the next week. I will write more details when I get around to doing the treatment post.

So I am glad I went, and then stayed hoping the rain would stop and spoke to Vivek who is also very interesting, but finally had no choice and left in pouring rain. Got to the other side, got my rickshaw and got back to the hotel restaurant which was packed with all the other people also looking for a warm place to sit. The rooms are really cold (although mine is not as cold as some I've seen), and so sat and had a couple of glassed of ginger honey tea and finally went to my room.

I don't feel sick or anything, but the running nose is an annoyance and didn't feel like sleeping right away. Listened to music and played cards and finally went to sleep. I am meeting some very interesting people here as well...from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and of course Israelis, and it is not unpleasant to hang around the restaurants in the area here to pass the time when you can't be outdoors.

I am enjoying myself as much as possible under the circumstances, but have nothing exciting to write actually. I've even taken to doing the needlepoint I took with me the last minute (haven't done one of these since I was pregnant with Sahi 26 years ago) but it also passes the time while I'm listening to music.

I've already finished my first book and am into the second...a luxury I don't have time for at home. Basically the day goes by very gently...just would be perfect if it wasn't raining and I could get more use out of the swing outside my room. But if EVERYTHING was perfect when I arrived here, perhaps it would be too much of a shock to my system. This way, at least I get used to the perfect "good life" one step at a time.

So, I will close for now...go off for dinner, and then back to my room where I will turn on the heater, heat of the room, take a hot shower, and climb into my warm bed.

I LOVE to get letters by the way!!!!
Namaste to all