Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments #4-7 Sum Up of Results to Date

Treatment #4-Deepak did this treatment and it was superb. Amazing hands, perfect touch. Full body not herbal bundles. First they are heated a tapped all over and then he uses them to massage my alternating between his hands and the bundles...heaven! I could use one of these everyday of my life! Then I had an oil drip on my forehead plus a head massage. It is actually amazingly relaxing to my surprise. Then a "sponge" bath while still on the table. Lunch and then home in the rain head full of oil. But I had plenty of hot water and it washed out easily.

Treatment #5- Same wonderful herbal bundle massage with Deepak again and then local steam. Particular careon back but just pure luxury all over. Again lunch and then home.

Treatment #6 - Vivek did this treatment and he has a much lighter touch, seems to use his hands differently, but when I asked he said each person is expert in certain types of massages for certain results which are expected from that particular technique and that is why they change as necessary and as presribed by the doctor. Not just by chance, but with purpose and forethought. Full body massage again but differnt emphasis and particular work on lower back where I mentioned I have some new pain. He says that and my head cold are part of the detox process and the doctor will see me tomorrow anyway.
following the massage, hot towels all over my body and then the forehead drip again.
Today, kitcheri for lunch...supposed to be good when you are sick with colds and flu. Mixture of rice, mung bean dalh and cumin seeds cooked togehter with seasoning.
I also keep forgetting to mention the Papad which is a crispy round thing, looks like shmura matzo...made from mung bean dahl flour and seasoned with balck pepper. Good for colds and digestion and it ends each meal, sort of like dessert.

Treatment #7 - The day dawned terribly cold, windy and rainy but decided to go anyway, as I wanted finish up my first week and meet the doctor. I had a very mild body massage with Vivek as well as hot bundles on my lower back and shoulder neck area which is always stiff. Quite pleasant. Before the massage however, they promised to teach me how to flush out my nostrils pouring water into one and having it come out the other. I had tried that once years ago and all the water ended up in my forward...or down my was terrible and I was a little hesitant, but they first explained it to me, then did it themselves so I could see, and to my great surprise, I did it and it was easy and brought immediate relief even though one side was completely stopped up. They recommend it every morning when one has a cold a twice a week on a regular basis. I bought a little spouted plastic container to do it with.
Then the doctor came. He was quite pleased with my progress,,,said my pulse was much stronger and balanced, and then presribed further medication for my cold as well as the next weeks treatments.
These will include a massage still every day but afterwards, something to drink and then internal cleansing done with enema...I am REALLY looking forward to that you can be sure! And then a very lite meal each day of soup only for the duration.

Impression of results so far: As the weather has been very cold, raining windy and damp, I would have expected my hip to be bothering me continually, or least paining once in awhile. To my great surprise, from the second day, I have had no pain, not even twinges, at all. So for now, I can only say that something has happened. And I mentioned the immediate solution to my frozen shoulder already. Now we will see how long through the year the results continue....I am taking herbal medication every day, actually the same thing Rumalaya that I have been using for the past two years on the advice of an Indian pharmacist, but now the doctor has recommended Ramalaya Forte for at least the next 5 months. Then to stop and see what happens.

All in all so far, I am quite pleased. I took a break today as I mention in my regular post, and will be back tomorrow to begin my second week.

Namaste and good health to all