Tuesday, February 20, 2007

India Journal 2006 #10- February 20, 2007-Quick Post

I will be posting a regular post about the treatments in a couple of days to give a final sum up....but today was an interesting day.

First of all, I saw how easy it is to upload pictures from the camera memory card and the first batch you have seen in the previous 2 posts. I will try and be more professional now and include a nice picture with most of the posts.

Today was pleasant...met a friend on the way home from the treatment...a nice gentleman from Germany who I have had dinner with a couple of times and enjoyed his company. Walking back to the guesthouse today,

we talked some more, and knowing how much I enjoy walking the forest, and understanding that I am still in a more or less resting period, he has offered to take me walking as soon as I feel ready and show me the lovely paths he has discovered...he's been to Rishikesh in the past as well. He says he will walk slowly and come back whenever I say stop...so seems like a good deal and I am excited about finally completing my treatments and beginning to enjoy the place and the lovely countryside it has to offer.

He also knows some small quiet restaurants which he has offered to show me and I've accepted his offers and will look for him in a few days when I feel up to it.

The weather is getting warmer with each day and now have my windows open to let in the warm mountain air.

Remember I mentioned the apples I purchased? Well, I didn't mention that they were quite expensive (30 rupees apiece) but I didn't care at the time. Only today I noticed the label on one of them: "Product of the USA...Washington's Finest", which would help to explain the price. But they are delicious and very good for me now on this diet.

Today I get to eat my first Chapati!!! With my dahl this evening...I'm soooooooo excited!

Well, I'll end here...it has been very exciting for me to get the pictures up here and would love to hear from you about how they come out...