Thursday, February 22, 2007

Aurveda Panchakarma Treatments #13-14 FINISHED!

It's over and I will SUMMARIZE THE RESULTS to date...what will happen in the future waits to be seen but I am confident that I will feel well for quite a long time...even up to a year and then I will come again!

Treatment #13 - I'm glad it's the last one before the final cleansing and consultation with the doctor who will explain how to slowly go back to regular eating habits and answer lots of other questions I have. Vivek said I can have chapati today!!! (It was DELICIOUS but could barely finish it!). Tomorrow I have the day off as it is local State election day, and then my final treatment..

Treatment #14 and Summary of results

I just had the greatest facial of my life! And done by a man to boot! This was the final surprise of my last treatment which eneded with my eyes, ears and nose being cleaned with various drops and massage after my final full massage and steam (which I didn't have since it wasn't working...turned out later there was no gas in the gas balloon!- but I had a nice hot "bath" instead...I would have preferred the steam...really enjoyed those). And then this wonderful facial.

the doctor then spoke to me and explained how to slowly return to my regular diet (as he originally gave me) and if I want to "cheat" every so often,
it is OK. I like this about him! He is not fanatic and this is what I believe also. Wee need to feed our soul as well as our stomach and sometimes a good cup of coffee, or pasta or piece of cake or whatever is needed. For now it is still liquid kind of diet, mung dahl (explored today and found a couple of restaurants near my guesthouse that are willing to prepare this for me) and veggie soup and porridge and perhaps a chapati. But I don't yet have much of an appetite so I am fine. I lost 3 kilo but it is different than when you simply loose weight. all the "yucky" stuff in the middle is gone! Like I was 10 years ago...wonder how long that will stay that way?

I will also slowly get back to a full yoga program but the lovely program Deepak gave me will remain with me always...first as a full program in itself, and then later, according to how I feel, as a warm-up to further yoga practice. Of course my pranayama and meditation stay the same as always...I am quite pleased.

Aside: I started getting a rash on my back several days ago and figured it was from the oil or the detox and since I don't like to complain, didn't say anything figuring it would be gone quickly. But it kept getting worse and today I asked Vivek. With a twinkle in his eye he said he was surprised that I hadn't said anything until now! He was waiting for this. Says many people get this rash on their face (aren't I the lucky one) but some also on the back and it is toxins coming out and may take up to a week to disappear on its own...and try not to scratch it!!

Doc also said that my 2-3 liters of water a day is fine...even more in summer. but definitely no yogurt in the morning. If I don't want porridge then either herbal tea and bread and butter, or fruit is OK. And that I asked about dairy products and my keeping away for over 12 years now - as I was convinced from reading that it was part of the cause of my arthritis and of course mucous and sinus problems. He says I MUST go back to dairy products and he is the 3rd ayurveda doctor to tell me this. Samll amolunts of cheese are fine and BOILED milk once a day is very important for MY body type. Funny...all those years I never missed giving up meat...but cheese was always difficult for me. And then I was also told to stay away from salt a year ago by an oesteopath who also said it caused arthritis...I've always loved salty food and this has been very hard for me. But now it seems salty is one of the tastes that are important in a Vatta (my body type) diet. So, we must ALWAYS listen to our bodies ...they are very wise!

He also prescribed a detox supplement taken in capsule form which he wants me to take on a regular basis. He says it will help keep my body cleansed...and if I do overindulge at times, I will know right away as I will get pain in my hip...this is a sign that the detox is working and this is where I will feel it. So I will get these also to bring home with me.

Other than that, the whole thing is quite amazing. I feel soooooooooo good. And with the original cold and rainy weather and then the sudden switch to warm and dry, I should have been suffering constantly since I arrived here. I have not had a pain (except for my neck and shoulder while sitting at this damn computer) since the 3rd day of treatment. It was worth every penny...and inconvenience...and unpleasantry to have this done and look forward to next year when I will do it again. I highly recomment it to anyone...