Thursday, February 22, 2007

India Journal 2006 #11 Feb 21- Election Day and Vacation Day for Me

12:30 PM My first real vacation day and it is lovely so far.

Slept well. Did my full yoga program and meditation this morning..leisurely breakfast althought I am getting really tired of this porridge each morning!

Then decided to start exploring. Went up the nearest path . Just lovely...birdcalls and butterfiles, quiet and my own footsteps... I am starting a list of descriptions of birds I see which I will post at a future date...

But after about 15 minutes I came to a bunch of boulders blocking the path and saw no other way of going so decided

I would not attempt that today.

So came back...very peaceful as you can see from the pictures...Some little girls stopped me for a picture which I took

but then they wanted "payment"...became quite agressive and the little Hindi I bothered to learn finally came in handy. I had no small coins except for one 2 rupee coin which I gave to the oldest and tried to explain it was for all three to no avail. The two little ones wouldn't leave me alone...
Finally asked them in Hindi What there name was which stunned them for a minute. But then they told me so I was able to tell them , also in Hindi...enough, go away, I have nothing using their names which seemed to make more of an impression and finally I "escaped".

while up on the trail I saw a site which I hadn't seen since Dharamkot...grass being hung up to dry for fodder on trees...wonderful idea!

Well, I have lots more to write about this day, as well as today which is the next day, but I've had it. I will continue tomorrow.

And just to keep you in suspense, another exciting thing which happened today is that I HAVE A DATE FOR TOMORROW!

Stay tuned....more to come