Monday, February 26, 2007

India Journal 2006 #13 Feb 25th-Shopping and Great Restaurant to Recommend

Before I begin writing this new post, just wanted to let you know that if you go back to the previous post with the pictures from the Market, I have added some descriptive words...but it will not arrive with Feedblitz again so just go take a look if you are curious as to what the pictures are...

Now, Sunday, February 25th...

Went down to Ram Jula today with a lovely lady named Shakti from Australia who is now basically living in China and India..(One of these days I promise to tell you a little something about all the lovely poeple I am meeting here)...
Shakti wanted to meet Vivek and make an appointment for a consultation with my doctor, so I took her over first to meet them. It was lovely seeing them again after not seeing them for awhile, and of course Deepak was all smiles as well as a big hug which surprised me coming from an Indian man...but as I said, he is very special and full of love, for life, for people, in general. We spoke for awhile, then Shakti made an appointemnt, and then we went shopping back across the bridge. I got 3 nice blouses and 3 pair of trousers and 2 lightweight shawels and now I am set for the next few weeks here. I might even have someone take my picture to show off the clothing, but I really had being

Then I decided to start to explore Laxsman Jula, the other bridge area which is 2 km. upstream but closer to my guesthouse. Two people had recommended a restaurant which is run in an orphanage that is run by an American lady (the website is : if anyone is interested in more information. I will check it out myself today as well. At any rate...

it is located down some small path which twists and turns ever downward until finally you wind up in this Utopia kind of hideaway sourrounded by greeen fields, vegetable gardens, flowers, trees, and the building housing the restaurant itself is designed so beautifully...definitely american calming a relaxing. Next time I am there I will take some pictures...easier than trying to describe...

It was not easy getting there, but it was worth the effort. I just finished eating the India meal of the day. They have a very small set menu with 2 different specials each day, one Western (today was lasagne) and one Indian. But this was the most delicious and satisfying meal I have eaten ANYWHERE, not just in India, for quite some time. Everything is organic and grown here at the orphanage. The setting and ambience just adds to the taste of the food. I had organic brown rice with perfectly cooked veggies just picked and cooked, and dahl made from mung and chickpeas...perfectly seasoned. And a sidedish of some seasoned yogurt dish with pokora...a vegetable which I think might be Jerusalem Artichoke, but I am not sure...absolutely delicious. I drank "yogi tea" which ended the meal perfectly.

Next time I think I will have a large fresh salad and some home made brown bread and butter.

It is not cheap but worth every rupee. I left satisfied and not just in my stomach, and everything which I am allowed on my diet is perfectly prepared here.

Following this I continued down to the bridge just to explore...walked around for awhile longer, and finally got back to my guesthouse around 4 PM, tired but happy. I had Tulsi tea which I brewed my self in my room with the new glass and electric water heater I bought in Rishikesh the other day, together with some dried fruits, and then took a nap. All in all a lovely day, which finally ended with yoga when I awoke, then a light dinner, hot shower and music and reading until about 10 PM when I went soundly to sleep.

I have been having some very strange and vivid dreams since I did the panchakarma but I basically sleep very soundly and wake refreshed each morning. this morning I did my morning stuff as well as full yoga program and then went to eat a lovely breakfast of porridge with fruit...Delicious and filling...and for a change I am at the internet in the morning instead of the evening.

I am now on my way down to a palm reader...wonder what he will have to say.

That's it for now..
Namaste to all

This morning (Monday, 26th)I woke