Friday, February 23, 2007

India Journal 2006 #11 Feb 21- Part II

I'll continue from where I left off yesterday...

I then decided to continue up one road into Laxman Jula but up above the bridge and just stroll....elections today so all is closed but it was quite pleasant but it is HOT. and there was no shade. And I'm dressed too warm...anyway, I'll be smarter next walk. Everything was closed but I got a feel of the road. Lots of shops, internet, restaurants, guesthouses, Ayurveda doctor if needed and yoga courses by the dozen. and then 15 minutes down the road I came across a really lovely guesthouse with a fabulous garden. Very pleasant, clean roooms, 24 hour hot water, private balcony, restuarant with lovely view and I think I may just move next week. (In the end I doubt I will...I'm too comfortable where I (a couple of days later) I saw another lovely room but also have no energy to bother moving)...but these are all good places to remember for future use. I am very bad at moving around. Anyway, just a few pictures from my walk...nothing special...just sites along the road...

anyway, stopped at the local bookstore where I had a 130 rupee credit for 2 books I had returned after reading them, and found two new books:

Paulo Coelho, "Like the Flowing River, Thoughts and Reflections" which someone recommended the other day and "The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes" which Ab della spoke about over 2 years ago. It is by a Tibetan author who use Sherlock Holmes pronouncement then when all thought he had been killed in Switzerland, he actually spent 2 years in Lhasa Tibet as well as India...will see where that story takes me...should be interesting.

and I am now sitting in another nearby restaurant in a garden shaded by trees drinking an apple juice. Could life be more wonderful?

I really think I will stay here until I get too hot...lots of opportunities to explore, lovely places to sit and nice people.

Will continue a new post as the following day brought interesting developments and will write a special post about them. I must try and catch up with myself as today is already Friday and much has happened since the above...Will do my best and see how long I can manage here...vacation vacation, but the more I vacation, the more I have to write!!!