Monday, February 12, 2007

India Journal 2006 #6 Feb 9-12, 2007

Well, back to catching up where we left off yesterday...hope this will bring me up to date and then it will be easier to continue. Today is Monday to the best of my knowledge...hope not to loose any more days along the way. So we go back to Shabbat, the day I got caught in the rain on the way home. But walking down the road to Ram Jula, the water of the Ganges was an amazing aquamarine, brilliant, clear color. I had to stop and just look at it for awhile on my way down. It rained all day AND all night and the locals say it should have rained like this in December and beginning of January, certainly not now...and they are all surprised by the weather. It did not rain all winter and just started raining now. Sounds like home...but it is really cold and windy and rainy and hopefully it will clear up soon. (Today, Monday, was actually quite nice all day...even saw the sun and sat out for awhile...hope each day gets better and better).

At any rate, I used the shared rickshaw which runs up and down the road between
Ram Jula and Laxman Jula and you just get on any one that has a free seat for 5 rupees. It takes me up the road and then I have another few minute climb up to the "High Banks" area I am living it. Not bad. I actually prefer walking the whole way but the rain was terrible and I've also been advised to do as little walking while doing the treatments, and rest as much as possible. I have taken to wearing my Crocs which I threw in the last minute and they are super comfrotable and since the roads here are good and even cleaner than any place else I've seen so far in India (except for Chennai), I am enjoying wearing them instead of my usual closed sneakers. Also easier when I have to keep taking them on and off in different places. Rishikes as a whole is really clean, and except for the stuff the cows leave (and there are an enormous amount of cows here...more than I've seen anywhere else), there is no dirt on the road whatsoever. so much cleaner than Dharamsala!

On the way home after my 4th treatment, which I will describe in a "treatment post", I stopped to buy shampoo and it took lots of hot water and plenty of shampoo to get my hair back to was the first treatment with the oil dripping on the forhead can just imagine!

I had asked earlier in the week if it was possible to take walks in the forest and I was laughed out by the people at the guesthouse. They told me it is dangerous to go into the JUNGLE and I thought they meant for reasons of being robbed or attacked by men or something. They said no..."wild animals"!! Well, I didn't know what animals they were talking about but this morning, while looking out at the view across the river from my terrace, I saw on the path below, two enormous wild boar coming down the "jungle" path. so, I know for sure that they are in there and that is enough reason for me to not venture out there alone. But then I was told there are panthers and black bears as well! I spoke to the people at the clinic and they said yes, of course, the panthers even come down into town and the people who cautioned me about roaming the streets late at night are right. The area I am staying is pretty much IN the "jungle" and the animals still roam there. So, for now, I will have to find other places to walk around...but that will all wait until I finish all my treatments.

Sunday was also raining and chilly and almost didn't go down to my treatment, but in the end I went and coming back was already a little warmer and even had tea in an outdoor cafe which I tried for the first time. I had left my room in the morning wearing just about every piece of clothing I took with me. tites under my jeans, 2 pair of sox and my woolen booties on top of them. Thermal undershirt and 2 shirts, and light sweater, by sweatshirt and then my fleece jacket on top. and on the way down I bought a woolen hat to wear. And on top of it all, my shawel. Walking across the bridge was so windy, and quite scarey as it kind of swayed in the wind!

Just to comment about the treatments in frozen shoulder is completely gone after only 2 treatments where it normally takes a few MONTHS to go away...even using acupuncture, osteopathy and complete rest. I've never taken the cortisone shots or pills the doc recommends and basically it seems that it doesn't go away until the inflammation dies down. And here, it was gone in 2 days!. My hip also seems to be fine even though it is so chilly and damp and all the walking I am doing, much of it up hills and steps.

Had a really fun time with Deepak today, one of the therapists as well as my yoga instructor, after his fabulous massage. While eating lunch, which consisted solely of chapati and squash like vegetable, we began talking about culture, language, etc. and I added a few more words in Hindi to my list. Trouble is, when I try to use them, people talk to me in in Israel...if you sound like you don't really know Hebrew, everyone will answer you in English. They thought it was quite funny when I mentioned I learnt a little Hindi by watching Zee TV and when I told the young girl, 16 years old, who cooks and helps out there that I watch Jaab Love Hua and Kasamse, she burst out laughing!!! So now I can say things like "see you tomorrow", "see you later", "little bit", happy, cold, rain and "what is your name", "how are you", "have a nice day", thank you, in addition to the words I had already learned from the TV.

Also received my Indian phone number after providing them with a copy of my passport, visa, proof of address and picture.

Today I woke up with a cold again and my lower back is paining me terribly...something I never suffer from. So I complained to Vivek who said this is good...all part of the detoxification....and to rest as much as possible....he worked alot on my back and tomorrow I see the doctor to find out what the rest of the sessions will be.
So will end here...more tomorrow now that I am caught up.