Monday, February 19, 2007

Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments #10-12-I FEEL GREAT!!!

Well, treatment #10 was similar to yesterday with even more emphasis on lower and outer extremities...and this seems to progress from day to day....I feel as if the toxins are being squeezed, wrung, grinded and stripped out of me in every possible way. I am eating almost nothing and very weak, my head is lite, a slight headachy feeling (read further to see the vast imporvement in this situation), but I spoke to Vivek about it and he says he was already expecting this reaction several days ago and is not surprised or worried at all. Says it may last until a couple of days AFTER the whole treatment and then my appetite will return as will a renewed energy level.

I have to take his word for it and I found

some apples for sale today and bought them to keep as a snack in the room. It helped to settle my stomach this afternoon so I didn't feel as quesy as yesterday.

Treatment #11 - Unpleasant still but once I got home I was actually feeling very well, contrary to the past few days. All of a sudden, despite the small amount of food I am eating, I am no longer hungry and quite energized. The weather has also turned fabulous....clear clean air, glorious sunshine...slight breeze...just perfect.

Same evening: Did yoga for the first time in several days and it was EASY! My whole body feels loose and lubricated...I find myself moving as I usually do when getting up from a chair or from lying down, moving slowly and with caution in anticipation of sudden, momentary stiffness and pain. To my great surprise, there is no resistance or pain anywhere! I had gotten so used to this wary moving about it surprises me each time I move so effortlessly!

I was looking to get relief from hip pain...never even thought of the general effect this would have on my body. Never even realized how much I had become accustomed to thea lessening of flexibilty in my whole body and the need to move carefully. It is quite amazing how this has all changed!

This morning, before going for treatment #12, I did Udiyana Bandha for the first time in many days (a type of yoga breathing technique which sucks in the whole abdominal region bringing the front of the body inwards, upwards and back towards the spine-you may have seen pictures of yogis doing this) is a wonderful massage for all the internal organs and I generally do it each morning first thing. I always get a very good concave inward pull of the abdomen, but today, my stomach seem to touch my back! It was quite extraordinary...I've really had every bit of "stuff" which is not supposed to be in there scooped out and I am really, truly clean. I've also lost lots of weight, don't know how much yet, but it is a very pleasant feeling.

Treatment #12 was again similar, but the enema was not quite as traumatic as I am pretty much emptied out already...tomorrow is the last one.

I am feeling sooooooooooo light....and of course not only pain free but stiffness joints seem to have been lubricated and no longer "squeak"!!!

Another extra added attraction...the skin of my face is flawless. All those little blemishes on the chin and roughness around the nose face is just smooth as a baby's.

So,,,will end here...two more days to go.