Thursday, March 15, 2007

India Journal 2006#23 March14-15 Reiki, New Direction and Pics

Well, I finished my first Reiki I class here in India and some really exciting things happened to the participants. It was exciting for me as well, and now I have 2 days vacation before I start my next one on Sunday. And the funniest thing, as I was sitting here writing, the girl in the next computer wanted to know where I had taken the Reiki course...
so I gave her my card of course and explained to her that I am the Master DOING the course...and she said she would call soon! Here are a few pictures of the 3 very happy girls.

I am now at the internet after 2 extremely exciting days to say the least. Just a few days ago I had made the final decision to return to India in October to continue working, and was really pleased with the decision. I had planned to go with Shakti, (see pics below of my 3 really good friends here the past month, 2 young Israeli girls and Shakti from Australia who I've mentioned before)to study Hindi in Mussorie in a proper school, to do panchakarma again, and to work.

Just as I was falling asleep that night, I received an SMS message on my cellphone. I generally don't even look at them at that hour of the night, but something told me to take a peek.

the message was short and sweet. Chanale is pregnant x 2 it said. I didn't get to speak to my daughter until the next day after my second Reiki class, and it was a difficult day for me, but after speaking to her, I knew that all was happening as it should, even though there was no way that I myself could understand why. I am sure that at some point along the way, all things will be clarified further as they always are.

So, I sat with my friends, put allthings into new persepctive, and am now moving along in an entirely new direction, with peace in my heart.

Here are some pictures....views from my new room (same guesthouse, one flight higher up), the girls in their saris last week when they went to the wedding, and a picture of the 4 of us together just before Meital returned to Israel on Monday. There are also some pictures of views from the roof of the guesthouse and the first really nice sunset since I am here, a day after the rains finally stopped again.

also, the local house pets who both LOVE Reiki, and a curious thing found in rishikesh - sidewalks...very often taken over by sleeping cows or local food stands, but still clean, nice and surprising to find in India.