Sunday, March 11, 2007

India Journal 2006 #21 March 11 2007...JOB HUNT AND PLAYING HOPSCOTCH

Well, after all the insights I've had over the past few days, already partially posted on the Mindfulness received links in the previous post...had originally planned to go "job hunting" yesterday, but met this nice lady in a restaurant as mentioned and by the time we finished chatting it was too did my shopping yesterday instead.

Today, woke up and realized
this was the day to set things in motion for the new plan and the new me in India. And the new plan works in perfectly well with the addition of an upcoming pregnancy in the family added to my life's "equation"...

According to the "new plan", I will be coming back to India in October, rather than next year as planned, as I want to be here during the fall for one thing, need to be back home for the planned birth, want to do panchakarma again BEFORE the winter sets in, and, I will be meeting up here with some lovely people I've met who are also coming back in October. I may even go with Shakti to Mussorie for a month to a Hindi School...time will tell how much of all of this works out, but I WILL be here in October, and one of the biggest things I needed to set in motion was having a job when I get here.

So to day I went down to the center where I did my panchakarma, where I also celebrated Holi, and had a long discussion with the guys there explaining why I would be a great asset to their business (among other things, I speak Hebrew!). They were in complete agreement with all I said, explaining that they were trying to think of a way to speak to me about my staying here and working with them, but didn't think I was interested. So they were quite pleased with the idea.

So we agreed that if they have people asking about certain programs, and they would prefer doing them in Hebrew, they will either call me to come there to work or will send them to me. I left them some business cards which I had made up before I left home, one side in English, one in Hebrew, and added by local cellphone number to it.

If they have people who they feel would also benefit from counseling and healing, which they do not do, they will also suggest they come see me. We agreed to split the fees, although, in typical Indian fashion, did not yet discuss HOW we would split them. But I know what I want so I doubt there will be a problem with them.

Now I just have to work on manifesting this new work, and am sure I will be earning some money here very soon. This is all in preparation for when I come back in October...

And on the way home, I met a nice Israeli girl "by chance" who I had seen a couple of weeks ago, and she remembered that I said I teach Reiki. She asked if she could study with me...she is not sure yet but considering it...and asked how much I charged. So I asked her what people were charging around here, and she said anywhere from 2500-4000 rupees per course. I had considered taking 1500 (which is also what I would ask Vivek for..they charge 2500), and she was quite pleased. So, I may already have my first job.

So where does the Hopscotch (Potsie) come in? DOn't know how many of you remember playing this as a kid on the streets in the States...we would draw a pattern on the street with chalk and then using a rock have to navigate our way through the numbers etc....I haven't played it for at least 50 (!) years.

Well, when I arrived at the center today, Deepak's 2 little boys were aged 7, the other 4. By the way, the 4 year old, the moment I saw him, reminded me exactly of my own grandson, Eyal, who will be four in a couple of weeks. He had the same eyes, hairstyle, very small frame, and was in constant motion the whole time. I had no problem playing with him...him jabbering away in Hindi and both of us just having fun. When I mentioned to Deepak that I bet he is highly intelligent, and seems to just know everything, he was amazed that I picked this up so quickly, as it is true...but it was so evident it was impossible not to see. (I thought of my Father playing with his greatgrandkids all those years, not speaking their language, but always having an amazing rapport with them...and then I saw myself in the same position and it was quite moving for me).

At any rate, since the Holi party, I had discovered a "new me" within as I mentioned, and the older son began drawing on the sidewalk. I immediately realized he was drawing a Hopscotch shape...was amazed by the fact that it was exactly the same as the one we used to draw....Deepak said it is a very old and popular Indian game, and I commented that I used to play when I was a child in the States. Quite amazing.

And, as soon as the little boy started playing, I found myself getting up, and playing with him!! I couldn't believe at first I was doing it, but I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun...truly felt like a kid again-so lighthearted. And people passing along the street down by the Ganga, all stopped to smile, laugh, seemed to make many many people happy. I had a wonderful morning to say the least.

If I had had the camera with me, I would have photographed it, but I rarely carry the camera anymore, so you'll have to take my word for it.

And with that, I will say