Saturday, March 24, 2007

India Journal 2006- #29 March 24th-Out of Order but Nice

I will be writing about yesterday when I come back here tomorrow (hope ;you understood that sentence), but I have such wonderful news to share from this morning that I didn't want to wait so I will take the time now to just write about today is now 3 in the afternoon, and I've already been at the computer for over an hour, but needed to catch up with other important stuff as, my day today:

I had decided to make an appointment for a second consultation with the Ayurveda doctor I had seen a week after finishing my Panchakarma if you remember. That means I came to see him the first time 3 weeks ago. I will not rehash what he said then, as I'm sure you remember, and if not you can check it out for yourself if it is important for you...but I arrived this morning with a list of questions and just
wanting to hear in general what he said. I have been feeling much better lately and assumed that part of that was due to my better eating habits, and wanted to see if there was any validation for how I was feeling, as well as find out if there was anything I could do once I got home to maximize the effects for as long as possible, until I could get back here.

I walked in and he was very pleased to see me, and spent an unusually long time checking my pulse. He had opened my file and it was almost as if he wasn't quite sure he was "seeing" right, and kept rechecking. In the end, after also checking my tongue and eyes, and with a big smile on his face, he said"I guess even 2 weeks of panchakarma works!". "You are 100% better than the first time I checked you" (I was also told that the full effect of Panchakarma kicks in after 2-3 weeks and I've also been more careful about my diet the last couple of weeks).
"Your doshas are all in balanced...your Vatta is a little high but this is perfectly normal for your age. You are very well!".

Also told me less walking and I do feel better when I don't overdo walking. Said to walk slowly to one place and then sit and enjoy that place and then even take a rickshaw back home afterwards. And this is pretty much what I've been doing since it has gotten hotter. "Too much movement not good for you...take all things slowly...reduce stress...let God worry...You don't have to!" (I LOVE this guy). "And you should be fine until you get back here in February".

He prescribed some general body strengther and immune system enchancer which he said may even save me from the pollution in Delhi. Too bad I didn't ask him sooner, but will begin today and buy ehough for 6 months as he suggested.

Then I had a lovely breakfast at Welcome Center (took a rishshaw down). I even met my neighbor Suavamir, who is also doing Panchakarma and we walked back along the banks of the Ganga. Warm but pleasant breeze down there and certainly much nicer than walking on the main road.

And now sitting with Deepak and Vivek for a visit. As I walked in they both had a look of amazement on their faces. Seems just last night they had discussed something and decided to call me today and ask me to come over!! Seems they want me to come this week and teach THEM Reiki...but I told them I have declared this time vacation time for myself and will probably say know. Will let them know tomorrow.

Decided to walk along in Ram Jula and on the way I finally found something for the boys as well. I think they will like it (or not)..not T-shirts (which I bought in the end for the "big boys" in my life...just to let them know I am thinking of them as well. If they don't fit, or fall apart, they will still make good dust rags!. For the "little" boys I got these cute Indian fabric shirts with collar and short sleeves, but cotten, not T-shirt... moe dress or sport shirt style. Hope they like them.

Will really have to get this package together now and send it off.

I am now sitting at Green restaurant, eating pasta for the first time in 2 weeks and thoroughly enjoying it.

I keep discovering new and lovely thigns about Rishikesh and really look forward to coming back here. It is a MUCH easier place to be than Dharamsala, especially nowt that I've been asked not to do much walking, particularly uphill!

I still find it so peaceful here. Like an oasis of calm in the hassle of the world.

Did a couple Tarot readins yesterday for other people in the guesthouse and had a long pleasant evening. This morning I awke for the first time with no strong wind blowing in the trees. And so it was even more pleasant doing my morning stuff on the terrace.

I am loving my new sandals and enjoy every step I take in them.

The need for a laptop has become more and more clear to me each day and I go down to the internet and fail to complete my "daily assignemtn", and again find myself backed up....

I will end here and get this lovely post off to all of you with my love.