Thursday, March 22, 2007

India Journal 2006 #26- March 19-21 THE STORM and other Stuff

Monday, March 19, 2007

After finishing the second day of the Reiki workshop, the two other women in the workshop and myself, together with another friend who was leaving the same day, decided to go down for lunch (turned out to be closer to dinner by the time we actually ate) to the Welcome Center, and ayurveda restaurant I have been looking for for the past few weeks but had no luck in finding it. So it was good to go with someone who knows where it is and finally discover this lovely place. Now I have another really nice place to eat good healthy food. As a matter of fact, the food was so good, that Ilse and myself went down for breakfast the next morning BEFORE the Reiki class began! Everything is organic,

and prepared according to the Ayurveda principles of body types or doshas. So that no 2 people are given exactly the same meal, even if they order the same thing. For lunch/dinner we had an amazing tali and for breakfast, I had a wonderful wheat porridge with tons and tons of fruit, nuts etc., in in which was so much nicer than the oatmeal I usually get. And she uses only pure ghee in everything, teas are made specially for each person, and each meal is cooked only as you order it. Which is the reason for the long wait for food. I have to remember never to go there when I am already hungry!!

After eating there, I realized that I had really put on too much weight and was also not really eating what I should be, and decided to do something about it by cutting back on pasta and bread and eating my meals more according to the principles I was taught for Vatta (today,thursday march 22nd, is only a few days later and I have already lost all the "yucky" stuff around the middle. I have fruit salad and toasted brown roll with ghee for breakfast, a big salad I discovered at my own guesthouse which I didn't know they even had, but Ruth had tried it. It is on an enormous plate, filled with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, beets, avocado, tofu, the slightest bit of yak cheese on top and dressed with pesto. Really really delicious. And then for dinner also something light, but enough to fill be up and leave me satisfied, body and soul.)

So, now I am sitting on my terrace, eating the most delicious plate of hoummous and felafel! Quite extraordinarily good as anything at Tanami or a good Arab restaurant!! should have really taken a picture of it but didn't think of it at the time.

And then, very pleasantly full, I went to sleep early in preparation for the last day of my Reiki class.

And that night, at 1:15 in the morning, a STORM began. Something I haven't experienced in such intensity and power for a long time. It began with an amazing display of lighting and thunder. I opened the curtains closing off the window opposite my bed, and just laid there looking at the show. Nature is quite powerful in its displays! There was no rain, at least where I was, but perhaps other places experienced rain as well. The wind did not howl through the was more a deep rumbling which built up and intensified to a roar, died away and began again, over and over for hours. I could almost imagine train after train rumbling into a station and roaring to a stop, only to make way for the next train.

The day itself had been very overcast and the air was heavy and almost stifling...not pleasant in the least. But we awoke to a morning so crisp and clear...everything had been swept clean by the fury of the winds.

There has been a definite shift in weather here and it is much warmer during the day, and although mornings and evenings are still cool, there is no longer any need to change into long, warmer clothing. And I barely need one blanket to cover me at night and no longer sleeping in layers of clothes. This all seems to have happened almost overnight. The evenings and mornings being so pleasant now, it is simply love to sit out till bedtime and read, or just listen to music. And I find myself eating more meals alone on my own terrace rather than in restaurants, just to enjoy the lovely weather as much as possible. It is actually quite hot when out walking during the day, and imagine each day will be hotter than the one before, but so far, nothing near anything that would require me to move on.

However, the drastic change, finally awoke my hip...the rain, cold, changes to heat etc., over the past few weeks happily did nothing to create painful joints, but this very extreme drastic change finally managed to do it. I was not happy when I felt my hip, but decided just to flow with it. It was also one of the indications that I still had detox to do, especially after all the wrong food I had been eating for a couple of weeks, so I guess it was a combination of both as well as a warning to me to behave myself!!

To my great surprise, the entire episode lasted less than 2 HOURS!, instead of the usually 1 1/2 to 3 days!!!

Well, that day, I finished my Reiki class, and Agee, who does Indian Head massage agreed to teach us all the technique the following day...which he did, yesterday. And in addition, I had a full head massage is a very delicate and easy technique, but the results were well beyond anything I could have imagined...I was so relaxed when he finished, I almost fell over when getting up from the chair. Almost as if all my body parts had disconnected and forgotten how to work in unison to get me going where I wanted to! Hope to be able to use the technique when I get home.

I will end here and hopefully get the post about the lovely but confusing development in my life also done today.