Thursday, March 08, 2007

India Journal 2006 #18- Thursday, March 8th 2007

Yes, I know there are days missing, but after sitting here for the first time all week and finally getting caught up with last Friday and Saturday, I am exhausted!! So it will take a few more days for me to get completely caught up.

Just a few quick pics about the day I went Sari shopping with was a real experience. She bought, I didn't, but it was great fun as you can see...

Seems my first two weeks here were taken up with the Panchakarma, the next week was my R&R and so I had plenty of time those weeks to write, but nothing much to write about!

This past week however, has been a whirlwind of activity, I have soooooooooo much to write about, but no time to write it!! And for the past 2 days the internet I usually use has been down so finally came out today and found another broadband place to get some pictures up.

So I have several posts started (which I actually already finished and posted to you) but still have enormous amount of stuff to get down "on paper". I imagine the next few posts will not necessarily be in order, but they will all be interesting.

I have also posted a post on the Mindfulness Journal, and may be posting others there as well, but I will always notify you here and give you the link as I have done previously.

So, off to lunch...I deserve a good meal. Have worked hard today (following my yoga out in the sun on my terrace, breakfast with the "girls" and my daily massage), spending close to 2 hours at the computer. I generally limit myself to 1 hour but it's the only way I will catch up with myself.

A great day to all

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