Monday, March 26, 2007

India Journal 2006 #31 March 25-26 - Just Another Day

March 25th
Well, today I had decided to have copies made of the ugly Issta backpack I use all the time, but which is so comfortable for me. The tailor here said he could do it so will be going down to look for a nice wall hanging to use as fabric. (In the end, I didn't find any, and the next day-actually this morning-I went into the market as well with no luck). I am also on my way to the astrologer but am now sitting at the German Bakery over the Laxsman Jula Bridge
eating a nice breakfast. In the end, the astrologer was not there (he was supposed to arrive back from Europe today, will have to look for him again in a couple of days) mentioned, no fabric found, but did find a really nice book shop. Will come back one day. Got some more of the Tulsi I am now taking to send home and spent the rest of the day surrounded by people who needed by "services". Went to bed early, and to my great surprise, first my daughter Shira called, and then, after falling sound asleep, my daughter Elisheva also called. We had great converstaions and I really like this idea of the mobile with me. I do not let it intrude on my life here, but having when I need it is really great.

March 26th
Woke up this morning to go down to the market with Ilse but in the end, as mentioned, no luck. Was not feeling to well so we stopped at the Welcome Center, had a snack and then took a rickshaw up...fell asleep and woke up feeling even worse...finally realized why. There is a Chamsin outside, and this always does me in...not so much the heat, but the I will rest the rest of the day...I am now sitting in an Air Conditioned !! internet place and it is lovely...

Nandu, the owner, had another discussion with me, and from everything he says, he is quite serious. But he is an India, so I still have no expectations. He will be putting my name and website in his brochure so that will be good advertisement for ME anyway. Tomorrow he is supposed to take me up to see the Spa.

He seems to be perfectly willing to wait until NEXT August for me to come back. And guess what? The doctor who will be running the Panchakarma treatments at the spa is Dr. Arora. the same doc I've been talking with I am in very good company.

Nandu is also trying to convince me to bring a group of "rich old ladies" with me in February. Maybe it is also something which will work out. I will be in touch with him by e-mail and tell him my ideas, and if can make all the local arrangements, it could be a good deal for me.

Also will look into getting a business visa when I get back to Tel Aviv which would let me stay here longer than 6 months at a time.

I finally got my package put together today as well and it is being parcelled up as I sit here...then I just have to get someone to help me get it to the post office. It weighs almost 20 KG.

Will also be using some fabric the tailor here has to make my new back pack, similar to the Tibetan, and Nepalese fabrics used so often in Dharamsala, and I think it should come out quite nice.

I had wanted to write a couple of difficult stories I've heard the last few days, but will leave it for another day. Don't really have the energy right now, despite the AC.

So, this is a fairly boring post, but still sent with love.