Friday, March 09, 2007

India Journal 2006 #19 March 4-8- Catch up Post


Sitting with John on my terrace on sunday morning during worst of Holi ....prisoners for several hours but his questions about my life and what I've done, learnt, how I've changed etc., were very incisive and pulled no punches and helped put many things into persepctive for me . In the process, he learnt many things from me as well and began an introspective dialogue with himself as well.

Later on, we (will add a picture of WE tomorrow or the next day)...had a very deep talk which revolved around a series of events in one of the girl's life, bringing many things full circle...putting all the pieces in the puzzle into place for her. Once she saw the full picture,

she was forced to leave the table in tears upon viewing her life in restrospect. That night, or close to morning, I received my second "call". This time there was no message for someone else, but rather very precise instructions as to how to conduct a healing session with her. However, I was told to insure that she come to the session without revealing the nature of the healing to her before hand. I will be posting the full healing and story behind it on my Mindfulness Journal shortly and will notify you of the link.

However, upon hearing her stories at the table, I all of a sudden realized how truly blessed I myself am. She travels the world, has no permanent home, no family responsibilities, seemingly has it all "put together" and an amazingly full and exciting life, and yet, when everything is put together, she has nothing.

I have had a long and for many years, happy marriage, raised 6 amazing human beings, did many many different things throughout all those years, and always things that I CHOSE to do...I am still learning and growing with each day, and now am able to travel when I choose, for as long as I choose, where I choose, and still have a wonderful family and home to come back to whenever I need it. I HAVE IT ALL! AND AM TRULY BLESSED!