Tuesday, March 13, 2007

India Journal 2006 #22 March 12-13 FIRST REIKI CLASS AND MORE ON THE WAY!

This post will be fairly short, but full of happy stuff...well mostly. Yesterday, for some reason, winter came back with a fury. It was raining all day, REALLY cold, and no one could believe the weather. So I mostly stayed in my room the whole day and rested. Particularly since the evening before, when returning from my job hunt, I found
myself "coming down with something". I had also received a call from the young girl I met on the way home and we made a date to begin a 3 day Reiki I workshop in two days (today)and I could not afford any ill health. So I decided to use all the heavy ammunition...my new Indian Ayurvedic Tulsi, my regular Vitamin C, my homeopathic Traumeel, honey and onion mixture, as well as my Yogic galneti (cleansing of nose passages by running water through alternate nostrils and having it come out the other nostril). In addition, I meditated on good health, did Reiki and went to sleep. Well, something worked, and I woke up with nothing more than a little runny nose, and in the morning, was completely well!!

The whole day was spent with lovely company in the guesthouse, and preparations for the Reiki workshop. Printing out workbooks, preparing myself and my room both physically and on deeper levels and went to sleep early. During the night, I awoke, once again, with messages for the participants. Specific issues that I don't usually discuss in a Reiki I workshop and I was instructed to do so for these participants. I wrote it all down and went back to sleep. Woke up in the morning and found really interesting things there, which I most definitely used today in the first session.

It was quite exciting, and different, and we all felt very powerful energies in the room. There were 4 people, instead the initial 2...2 of them having already done REiki I but not satisfied with the courses, and asked to join the group. I will be teaching something which I love teaching, meeting lovely new people, and earning money at the same time! Just by requesting that people find their way to me each day!!

And, when I came up to my room to wait for the girls this morning, I was told that another lady had come looking for me about Reiki. So I found her and she said she just overheard someone talking about a Reiki lady in the guesthouse and asked about me. So she will beginning another course (she needs English, the current one is Hebrew) in a few days!! Will look for at least one other participant...I am really busy!

Someone else has asked me to teach her pranayam and meditation, but I also must go one day with Shakti to Mussorie to check out the language school, so I put her off for now...told her when I finish the Reiki workshop for the English lady, I will be able to teach her.

And that's about it. The weather is not great, but not as bad as yesterday, and I am energized and excited and feeling amazingly blessed and at peace.