Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March 26, 2008 - PS to yesterday's post

(PS: since writing the above I’ve done a Reiki treatment to Yael and her comment one “You were on fire!”. I was also sweating through the whole treatment and I generally never get this warm while doing Reiki…so whatever has been happening, has certainly opened things up for me which were blocked before)

Yesterday also had a Reiki treatment, today, I've just come from my facial and back massage, and tomorrow I have a further "going home" treatment with Dudi. Not a bad way to spend my last few days in India.

Also found an apartment up here with a kitchen and now have the dilemma of deciding the pros and cons (there are lots) to having my own kitchen when I come back in october.

Don't think I'll write any more before leaving. and I will post the remaining videos when I get home so you'll still enjoy India vicariously for another week or so.