Tuesday, March 04, 2008

#11- March 3, 2008- PEACEFUL DAY

Had an especially peaceful day today. Yesterday I exchanged healings with Ben and then went out for lunch and back for dinner at Mamaji’s…early to bed..I was very tired.
Early but very light breakfast today. I ate too much yesterday and felt it.
And then spent some time with Ben before going out. Picked up some DVD movies I had burnt for me from the originals…150 apiece instead of 450 at the CD shop I send everyone. Two days ago I had brought the rich ladies there and they bought a lot of stuff…also tried to get cheaper price and he held fast at the price he gave them. Well, when I came down today, the DVD’s were ready (these are movies mostly Tibetan, that I have not been able to download from the Internet), and when I went to pay my 600 rupees, he said “no…480. You deserve a discount as you brought people to me and also DID NOT ASK FOR ONE!”. I thought that was lovely…which means I got one almost free.
I will watch one tonight with Ben…”The Cup” which I never got around to seeing in Mcleod.
Then I continued down to the Book Shop by the German Bakery to look for the Cards I wanted. I found 2 sets I was interested in and bought them. And also a set of postcards, as Ben had given me an idea I never thought of. I am sending each of my grandchildren a postcard from India. Don’t know why I never thought of it all these years. I went into the German Bakery, ordered boiled veggies and lovely grilled cheese and tomato and sat to write the postcards and then go down and mail them. Realizing, that I don’t know everyones mailing addresses…only e-mails! Very Bad. So will get the addresses and mail them tomorrow. Had a lovely lunch, met some interesting people there, and then began working on the cards…A set by Caroline Myss called Archetypes and it is for personal growth purposes mainly. Fascinating. Based on archetypical Forms first mentioned by Plato but brought forward in the modern world by Carl Jung. I’ve begun working with them and you must be brutally honest about yourself to do the work. I have begun!!
Then I came back up…found Coconut Oil for one of my friends. And sandalwood oil which I didn’t buy as it was VERY expensive…will have to think about it. Moving further back up the hill, I stopped in a shop where I saw really nice stud earrings. I had looked at some in the shop with the rich ladies which were $40! Here they were 40 rupees!!! And nicer. I bought one pair and if they don’t bother my ears after a couple of days, will buy them in lots of colors. And while I was there, I looked at a mala necklace which has all the 9 sacred gemstones in it, and all the shops are asking 150 rupees. This guy asked only 100 rupees…did a test to prove to me they were real stones and not glass, and so I bought it also. Was very happy with myself and my purchases. Continued up to try and make an appointement for a facial, but no one was there. And then to my “grocery store” where I bought Yak cheese for dinner, found more of those lovely homemade chocolates which I should NOT be eating, as well as masala chai mix which I was looking for, AND Indian Taj Mahal tea to make chai with, and happily headed up to my room. Sat and worked on the cards for awhile longer until Ben came up to say hello and tell me about his day, and me him about mine, all the time listening to lovely music and sitting out on the roof terrace…(the weather has been perfect!)…he then went down for his dinner by Mamaji, I just had my crackers and cheese, and still listening to music, and then he will be coming up to watch one of the new movies with me.
Could there be a lovlier, more relaxing way to spend a day??

I am truly blessed….I have only 3 weeks left but am doing my best not to think about it. Just enjoying each day. One of these days soon I will go down and start bathing in the Ganga which has gotten a “little” warmer…still freezing cold mountain snow water, but maybe just up to my knees. I’ll see.