Monday, March 24, 2008

Down to the Home Stretch - March 24th 2008

I haven’t been writing about what’s going on here the last few days as it’s been very intense and insightful as well. I think it probably will not get to this blog as much of it is personal and intimate, on many levels, as well as difficult to put into words. So I will simply say that I’ve been through a deep insightful growth experience involving the following, and more:

Disturbed sleep for 3 nights for no apparent reason
A deep sense of painful sadness suddenly overcoming me to the point of tears flowing, while sitting with friends…again, for no apparent reason
Doing an energy cleansing of my room to remove negative energies which seemed to have had accumulated without my realizing it.
Using my Dancing as a healing modality
Further treatments with Dudi
Newfound openness and joy and energy

I am now coming down to the “finish line”. It’s been a very short “race” against time for me this trip. My shopping chores are pretty much finished, I have a facial again on Wednesday, together with Yael this time, . I’d like another dip in the Ganga and perhaps sushi at Moksha (they began serving it last week…remember, the owners are Korean – but I haven’t gotten around to tasting it yet),. An attnement fromDudi still awaits me this evening so that I can begin passing on symbols from Kabbalah which can be used in Reiki II for those who feel uncomfortable with the Japanese symbols. I already had a further Master’s attunement from him. And to finish everything off, one last treatment with Dudi