Thursday, March 06, 2008

#13- March 5, 2008- Counseling Session with Unique Practitioner

Something very interesting happened today. I had already decided that the next few weeks I have left will be devoted entirely to me, which you can read about on the link to the Mindfulness Journal on my last post. I had a massage first thing in the morning, right after meditation and pranayama and yoga, before breakfast, it was the best massage I have ever experienced. There was something different about it. I don’t know if I mentioned the massage therapist Bablu, who studied Ayurveda massage ad the Parmath Niketan Ashram here in Rishikesh, but every massage he does , he does from a spiritual place. He says prayers over the herbs and oils before he begins, asks for Divine help and then chants OM before actually begin. He also does the massages with so much loving energies, that I see brilliant bright green surrounded by pink through the entire massage. And the massage itself is superb…among the best I’ve ever had. And having it this morning, as a continuation of my morning rituals, made it even more wonderful . Bablu explained that this was the best time to do a massage, with ,

the morning sun shining in the window, before any other earthly pursuits, and that it would serve to open all the chakras in the best and most powerful way possible. And to my surprise, it was the first time I did a massage like this and didn’t feel like sleeping afterwards. I was completely invigorated, was not hungry, even though it ended after 10 in the morning and by the time I showered, (and had unexpected company as well when I came back), I didn’t eat my first meal of the day, Kitcheri, until almost 1:30 and I felt wonderful. So I’ve ordered another one for tomorrow morning and am really looking forward to it.

I went to breakfast/lunch with a nice girl I met here, we walked down to Welcome Center, while waiting for our food, I opened some cards for her and as always, the reading was direct and to the point, I came back up, went to the internet for ½ hour and then came to my room to rest for awhile. I was awakened by a knock on the door, and thinking it was Ben, opened the door to find a young Indian friend of Einat’s called Sushil at the door. I quickly went back in and changed my clothes to something more appropriate (I was wearing just a tank top and pants), spent a short time with him but found I had no patience for chit-chat and excused myself after about 15 minutes.

I then went into the room to continue my work with the Archetype Cards I had bought a couple of days ago. It is a demanding process and I am taking it very seriously, when all of a sudden, Amir, the young guy in charge here came up to visit me. I didn’t like that Sushil had come to visit and came to see if he had left!!!

And this is where the story really begins. It is really something more suitable to the Mindfulness Journal, but I am posting it here as it is something which happened to be because I am on this journey in India, and it makes sense for it to be on the India Blog anyway. If you don’t agree, let me know.

First he asked if I had found a “friend”. (He is a sweet young, 25 year old Nepalese guy, but is not very discreet). He is always concerned that a “nice” lady like me doesn’t have a boyfriend, or at least a fling while on vacation and I always tell him I am not looking for that but for the “real thing”. He was of course referring to Ben who has been spending a lot of time around my room, and he assumed something was going on, but explained that there was nothing happening except sharing of healing sessions and pleasant discussions. He was sooooo disappointed and said “Oh, I was so happy for you because I thought you had a “friend” this time!”

And then he noticed I was working on the cards and we began talking about them and their uses, and I brought out two other decks to show him and he was amazingly interested in them. He looked at the cards with reverence, read a lot of them, and when he came to the Angel of “True Love” he commented “This is the card you need to pick”.

He is very intelligent and a highly spiritual being and we began a really serious discussion of some of the cards, and at some point the problem I have with my fear of traveling, or going to new places etc., came up. And THIS is the point of this whole post.

He looked at me and began asking me ,many questions, particularly about why and what I am afraid of etc. When I mentioned that it is all irrational and I’ve tried many ways of healing the problem, I also mentioned I feel it must be some trauma from a past life which has never been resolved…which lead to a discussion of past lives, and finally, he said he thinks he has a simple solution for me. It is WAS simply put, in very simple English, but quite profound. He gave me one concrete suggestion, and then two examples.

The suggestion, to overcome my fear of going alone to new places, which is even worse at night, was to wait until midnight, get dressed, WALK, ALONE to the nearby Spa, Narayana, get undressed and go swimming in the pool. And then walk back home alone. He said I would never be afraid again after that, not of the dark, not of being alone, not of going to a new place and not even of what might happen if someone sees me and what will happen etc. The idea is clear…confront your fear and overcome it!! But even thinking of the idea is terrifying to me, even though there is nothing really dangerous about it, and of course I won’t do it!!

Then he gave me the following two examples of how fear, or lack of it, can determine the outcome of events.

A guy has to get someplace and there are two paths. One is short but through the forest with wild animals and dangerous. The other is the long way around but safe. Which path is better to take. I of course said I always take the longer, but safe path. He said the guy decided he was in a hurry and to take the short dangerous one, but was not afraid at all as he knew he would be protected. And arrived at his goal quickly and safely, even though taken the dangerous path.

The second example. People travel very often from India to Nepal carrying large sums of money with them to bring home, in cash.. He does it too but never worries. He is calm and relaxed, attracts no attention, and has never had a problem. But other people are nervous, worried, frightened that they will be robbed, look anxious, attract attention, and in the end, THEY are the ones who DO get robbed.

No explanation is needed for either of the above, as they simply reinforce the idea that what is utmost in our thoughts is what happens. “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones”, etc. The fact that Amir, the young Nepalese working as reception manager at a guest house in Rishikesh to save money for his family at home would be profound enough to speak to me like this however, is the amazing part of this story. And he has made me begin thinking further about dealing with this fear. I don’t know yet how I will do it, but it has been on my mind more and more frequently over the past year, and SOMETHING will have to be done about it.

And that’s the story for today. Many different angels are sent to me with messages and today it was Amir.

PS: I am sitting out on my terrace, at 8:30 in the evening, listening to music and writing this. Although fairly warm for me during the few afternoon hours, the weather is otherwise beautiful.