Tuesday, June 05, 2007

India Journal 2006-#70-June 5, 2007 - ANGEL IN DISGUISE

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

William is more than just a great guy sent to make my final days in McLeod more pleasurable before my return home. He is basically a catalyst for further deep and final cleansing of baggage and his presence seems to give me intense focus which enables me to review past lessons already learnt over the last years. And in reviewing, and actually reliving them in very vivid dreams, the insights learnt from those lessons are even more deeply imprinted...never to be forgotten as I continue forward.

It is as if he has been sent to intensify every other form of detoxification I've been through this journey and make possible a final, indelible imprint, never to be forgotten and therefore never having to be re-learnt- of those lessons which have made such enormous changes in my life. Every important lesson in my "education" over the past 8 years has been given a thorough review, by forcing me to return to each incident, each relationship, relive it, actually FEEL it once again, and permanently ingrain the lesson deep within my soul making it absolutely definite that I will never again have to "do these courses".

I am now completely free, liberated, and can truly move forward with a "blank slate" as it were, into the new future which awaits me!

This past week has left me feeling renewed, younger in spirit and unburdened, lighter than I have felt in a very long time.

William is just another one of God's messengers, angels in disguise, lovingly sent my way in answer to prayers for further guidance, direction and clarity. But this time, the disguise is not a tree, or a channeled message or poem, or a dream or a bird or a tarot card. This time the angel is disguised as a wonderful, fun loving, cute, intelligent and perfectly lovely and loving guy who has brought nothing but lightness and joy into the past few days.

Usually my lessons are not learnt pleasantly. Very often they are quite unpleasant, but I could not have imagined a more pleasing way for this last lesson of this trip to be experienced.

Although I happily and gratefully accept any guides and angels in any form they may take, I would LOVE to have more angels like William in the future!

I am truly blessed. Thank you!